Weight Watchers CEO: 'Obesity Is Not A Woman's Issue'

Women aren't the only ones who should be concerned about their figures, says the man behind one of the biggest names in weight loss.

Weight Watcher's CEO David Kirchhoff was on TODAY this week to promote his new book, "Weight Loss Boss," which chronicles his 25-year-long struggle with his weight. Kirchhoff talked about the difference between the way men and women handle.

"Oh, you suck in your gut," Kirchhoff laughed, gamely. "Men are starting to take this issue more seriously because you can't avoid the health impact of it. It's been impacting women for the wrong reason, for body image."

Kirchhoff talked about how Weight Watchers, a business valued at $4.3 billion, is working to reach men who may be putting off losing weight.

"A big thrust for us now is getting more guys engaged and taking control of their health," Kirchhoff said, "and addressing obesity through this very difficulty group of people."

Watch Kirchhoff talk more about how a dieting mentality can do more harm than good (and see Weight Watcher's key spokesmen Charles Barkley in drag) in the video above.