Weight Watchers Probably Won't Help You Lose Tons of Weight, So Maybe Stop Dieting?

Weight Watchers Is A Diet

Weight Watchers is an institution. For almost five decades, it's been seen as the sane alternative to the dump truck of more intense dieting programs that surround us. Unlike incredibly restrictive programs such as Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem, which include their own chemical-death meals in Lilliputian portions, or fad diets like paleo-Atkins-South Beach and the incomprehensible cleanse varietals, Weight Watchers is downright free-spirited. The most socially-acceptable of all restricted eating plans, Weight Watchers shines bright as a beacon of hope in a greasy sea of Dexatrim and Shake Weights.

For many years, I drank that point-laden Kool-Aid.

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