'Weightless Project' Aims To Help Both Obesity And Starvation

Deepak Chopra: We Can Fight Obesity And Starvation At The Same Time

Deepak Chopra is helping to support The Weightless Project, a new initiative that aims to combat both obesity and starvation with a simple idea: Reward people for losing weight by raising money for people who desperately need to gain it. (Watch the video above to learn more about the project.)

"Despite our efforts at watching our weight, we are still losing the fight against obesity. But while the world around us is grappling with losing weight, there is a more serious problem that we seem to have forgotten," Chopra says in the video.

That problem is hunger and malnutrition, which kill millions of people every year. The Weightless Project hopes that the simple act of going for a run can help alleviate it.

"If any of us ever needed another reason to work out," Chopra says, "this is it."

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