Fearless Wiener Dog Goes Overboard In Pursuit Of A Dolphin

"She thinks she's a dolphin."

Gracie really... really... really wants to swim with a dolphin.

The little dachshund was so excited when a dolphin surfaced on the Banana River, near Port Canaveral, Florida, that she decided to go in after it:

The video was initially posted on YouTube last year by Gracie's owner, Tina Calderin, but received a new round of attention after being reposted on the Kyoot Animals channel from "America’s Funniest Home Videos" earlier last week.

Calderin said the family had goats at home and Gracie often chases and herds them.

"I think she was trying to herd the dolphin like she does our goats," Calderin wrote. "I think she wanted to play."

Either that or Gracie was just confused.

"She thinks she's a dolphin," Calderin wrote. "They are the same color."

Calderin's biggest concern was that the dog would get accidentally bumped by a dolphin, but neither dolphin nor dog were harmed during the aquatic encounter

(H/T Mashable)

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