Girl Bullied Over 'Star Wars' Gets Weird Al On Her Side

"She was asked if she was turning into a boy."

A girl bullied for loving "Star Wars" has the Force and Weird Al Yankovic with her.

Layla Murphy, 8, met the parody star at a concert recently after the 501st Legion, a "Star Wars" costume group with a charitable streak, helped her out.  

Layla is yet another young girl who was teased at school for liking Star Wars amongst other "boy" things. As a result of...

Posted by The 501st Legion on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Girls at Layla's Norfolk, Virginia, school teased her, saying that "Star Wars" was for boys, CNN reported. She eventually asked her mother if she could stop wearing her "Star Wars" gear, including an R2-D2 jacket.

"She was asked if she was turning into a boy," her mother, Nicolette Molina, told CNN.

A member of the 501st Legion who had met Layla at a fan convention was told of the kid's troubles by Molina and summoned the Internet to send Layla support and "Star Wars" souvenirs. It was all to reassure Layla to be herself.

Then the 501st came through with perhaps the coolest gesture of all.

"Taking it one step further, Layla became the next recipient of the custom Stormtrooper armor originally built for another girl (Katie Goldman) who was in a similar situation," the group wrote on Facebook.

A fully costumed Layla met Yankovic, who apparently mingles with denizens of the galaxy far, far away ...

 ... and is also known for his “Star Wars” parodies, MTV noted. 

Don't listen to those bullies, Layla. "Star Wars" can be enjoyed by the entire universe.

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