Weird Al Yankovic Shares Sweet Story About Stumbling Across 9th Grade Crush On Twitter

Not only did she remember him, Patrice had held onto a picture he drew for her.

It’s been nearly half a century, but turns out Weird Al Yankovic’s high school crush noticed him after all.

The 61-year-old comedy singer shared a heartwarming story on social media this week about how he reconnected on Twitter with Patrice, a girl he liked in 9th grade who sat in front of him in math class.

“Of course, Patrice would never in a million years have suspected that I had a crush on her,” Yankovic, whose real name is Alfred Matthew Yankovic, wrote in a post.

So, as an “awkward, shy and nerdy” student who was only 12 years old (he had skipped two grades), Yankovic said he decided one day to make his big move and draw a picture of Patrice and give it to her.

“But because I didn’t want to give her the impression that I LIKED her or anything, I also drew pictures of EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE CLASS and handed those out as well, just to throw her off the scent,” he explained.

“Anyway, everybody seemed to like their drawings, and, as you may have predicted, my love life remained completely dormant for the next several years.”

So, skip ahead almost 50 years, and Yankovic is scrolling on Twitter and stumbles across a post from a woman talking about how she used to sit in front of him in the math class.

“Being slightly less shy at my current advanced age, I decided to follow up on this: I DM’ed her and asked if by any chance her name was Patrice,” he wrote. “Turns out, it was.

When asked if she remembered the pictures he drew of everyone, Yankovic said Patrice sent back this photo a minute later:

“She had saved it all these years,” he wrote. “I just felt like telling this story because, well… 2020 was arguably a pretty sucky year overall, but there were some real moments of joy sprinkled in here and there ― and for me, this was definitely one of them.”

Yankovic was valedictorian of his high school in Lynwood, California, when he graduated at age 16. He and his wife Suzanne, have been married for nearly 20 years and have a 17-year-old daughter, Nina.

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