Weird Al's 'Lame Claim To Fame' Stop Motion Video Name-Drops Celebrities He Almost Knows

Continuing his video-per-day Internet takeover, Weird Al presents us with some Sunday mandatory fun in his latest release, "Lame Claim to Fame."

Paired with a neat stop motion video, Weird Al jabs at people's celebrity obsession, pointing out that standing behind Steven Seagal in the checkout line, or using the bathroom stall next to Jonah Hill doesn't make one friends. He even gets a little meta when he makes a reference to the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. The song is written in the style of Southern Culture on the Skids.

In case you missed any of Weird Al's previous "Mandatory Fun" releases, make sure to check out "Tacky," "Word Crimes," "Foil," "Handy" and "Sports Song."

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