Weird Al's Number One Fan Is A HuffPost Live Host. We're Not Kidding.

We had no idea until today that HuffPost Live host Mike Sacks is truly and earnestly "Weird Al" Yankovic's biggest fan in the entire world. And his fandom was on full display when interviewing Yankovic for a segment about his new children's book.

Let's put this into context: Sacks is a graduate of Duke and Georgetown Law. In his capacity as a host on HuffPost Live, he has interviewed dozens, if not hundreds, of figures from the worlds of politics, entertainment and everything in between. Yet the master of parody was the one celebrity of whom Sacks was truly in awe.

A sample quote from the interview:

Mike Sacks: Your fans are so rabid... But I'm probably lightweight compared to your biggest fans.

Weird Al: No, you're way up there.

And with good reason! The man's a legend, and has outlasted most of the musicians he's parodied since first hitting it big with "Eat It" back in 1984. Check out this beautifully entertaining look at the best moments from Sacks' interview with Weird Al.



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