"Weird Al" Yankovic has truly dared to be stupid-- by allowing himself to be photographed with a dead hooker on Twitter.

The parody king, 53, has gone off the deep end by tweeting this photo of himself with a clearly identified hooker. And if that wasn't bad enough, it's about to get even worse. Because this hooker is dead.

Just like the deceased, Yankovic's career will surely eat it after this scandal. And prison is no place for someone as white and nerdy as Weird Al.

Many questions arise from this compromising photo. How did the hooker die? Did Weird Al murder this hooker? If Weird Al murdered this hooker, why? Did the hooker owe Weird Al money? Will Weird Al's career take a turn for the worse after this? Can sales of Weird Al: The Book possibly recover?

LOOK: (Beware if you get squeamish over dead hookers!)


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