'Weird Al' Yankovic Shades Kid Rock's 'Parody Video' With A Blunt Clarification

Twitter users are in stitches over Yankovic's response to the new Kid Rock video.

“Weird Al” Yankovic wants everyone to know he had nothing to do with Kid Rock’s latest ranty video.

Yankovic tweeted:

Kid Rock’s new song and video, “Don’t Tell Me How to Live,” is an attack on “snowflakes.”

But the extensive list of complaints makes Kid Rock look like a snowflake himself as he rages against “millennials.”

“Talkin’ all that bullshit!” he whines into the camera near the start of the song.

He also flies around straddling a giant finger while firing a gun in a song and video that so closely resembles a parody that many commenters mockingly congratulated Yankovic. (Contains some very NSFW language and images.)

“You nailed it, Weird Al!” wrote one.

“Finally a new weird Al video!” wrote another.

Yankovic’s response on Twitter had fans in stitches:

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