'Weird Al' Yankovic Hilariously Parodies Sports Press Conferences

"Those game-changing incidents in no way changed the game."

Post-game press conferences sound very similar across sports, no matter what time of the year. Rarely does anything significant happen during them, and it's unlikely most fans care what athletes say during them. 

Most of the time they are filled with tired cliches that sports fans and media have grown accustomed to. "Weird Al" Yankovic made fun of this in a new viral video.

His take on sports press conferences is filled with gems throughout, like this player-coach interaction: "Those game-changing incidents in no way changed the game," "grizzled coach" Weird Al says.

"This season's a lot like a a metaphor that I like to use. You know it only makes sense sometimes. You know metaphors can change, like similes," the "star player" adds in the video.

The clip even features an "Around The Horn"-style setup that is on point.

Even in the world of sports, Weird Al shows us why he continues to be the king of parody. 

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