'Weird Al' Yankovic Debuts Full 'Perform This Way' Video

"Weird Al" Yankovic has come a long way since he became an MTV darling with "Eat It," his parody of "Beat It," in 1984. Twenty-seven years later, he's still going strong, debuting the video for his Lady Gaga parody "Perform This Way" on Monday.

"Alpocalypse," Yankovic's newest album, is available Tuesday. Check out Spinner's coverage of the album, which also includes parodies from Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and T.I.

After releasing a preview of the video to Spinner on Friday, Yankovic released his "Born This Way" spoof with a single tweet: "So, here’s my new music video," followed by a link to the video. Yankovic also directed the video himself.

The high-concept video features Yankovic's face superimposed on a female Lady Gaga stand-in, and pokes fun at Gaga's ostentatious personal style. In addition to employing absurdist elements to Gaga's persona, he also borrows some of her more publicized choices in the parody, and highlights the oft-accused similarities between Madonna and Lady Gaga.

The video's premiere ends the controversy that erupted when, according to Yankovic, Gaga initially turned down the parody before claiming that the two artists had a miscommunication and allowed its release. Due to Yankovic's belief that Gaga's original song is an "earnest human rights anthem," he chose to donate all proceeds to the single to the Human Rights Campaign.

Yankovic's music video parodies have long been a staple of his career as a parodist. Videos for "Eat It," "Like A Surgeon" (Madonna's "Like A Virgin"), and "Smells Like Nirvana" ("Smells Like Teen Spirit") were in regular circulation on MTV when they were released, and Yankovic won a Grammy for the video for "Fat," his parody of Michael Jackson's "Bad." "Perform This Way" is his first live-action video since 2006's "White and Nerdy," Yankovic's highest-charting single.


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