Weird Al's '30 Rock' Parody Song Takes Shot At NBC (VIDEO)

When Homer Simpson philosophized that "He who is tired of Weird Al is tired of life," he likely had no idea how long that sentiment would ring true. In an episode of "30 Rock" that saw guest appearances from Cynthia Nixon, Jimmy Fallon, Mary Steenburgen and another Baldwin brother, the funniest guest star of the episode was "Weird Al" Yankovic, who even contributed a parody of the "30 Rock" theme song.

In the episode, Weird Al parodies a Jenna Maroney song, much to her chagrin (perhaps a nod to Lady Gaga's attempt to withhold his parody of "Born This Way"). Jenna and Tracy are then inspired to write a Weird Al-proof song.

Al then stuck around to add his own lyrics to the end credits instrumental music for "30 Rock," taking a jab at NBC in the process for the dismal ratings seen by "30 Rock" and pretty much the rest of their programming. Here are Weird Al's lyrics set to the "30 Rock" theme.

"That's right, the program is over,

So now you can talk

Trash about it and vent your rage!

On your Twitter and Facebook page!

Won't you join us again next week at 30 Rock?

…erfeller Plaza, NYC

Where the ratings are awesome*

Remarkably somehow, we're still on the air

We'll just keep doing this whether you like it or not

We really do love our fans, yes, both of you"

*Al mouths "dismal."

Of course, Weird Al has a long history of parodying TV theme songs. Just last year, he contributed some twisted lyrics to the "Conan" theme song. In the '80s, he sometimes added lyrics from TV themes to pop songs, such as morphing together "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "Money For Nothing" as well as "The Brady Bunch" with "The Safety Dance."

UPDATE: As some of our commenters are better at reading lips and hearing tough enunciations than the author of this post, some of the lyrics have been updated.