Weird Things In The Bathroom Are Nothing New (PHOTOS)

These Bathrooms Are Just Plain Weird

A Kansas woman recently entered the bathroom, only to find a tiger waiting for her. The circus cat had escaped the ring and had wandered into the restroom (we get it -- when you have to go, you have to go). The tiger and the woman both escaped the ordeal unharmed, though we can only imagine what goes through that woman's head every time she needs to run to the ladies' room.

But a tiger in the bathroom is far from the strangest thing we've ever seen in the restroom. We've heard tales of full-on entertainment systems in the john (a phone by the potty is one thing, but a TV? Who needs to watch "The Biggest Loser" that badly?). There are even devices called "squatty potties" which supposedly aid digestion.

One staffer explained that her grandmother's bathroom boasts a toilet paper holder that's like a wind-up music box, which plays music when you spin it. Any hopes of doing your business in private would be dashed in that house.

Even more bizarre is to walk into an apartment only to see the bathtub in the kitchen. But this is New York City where really anything is possible. At least none of these items are dangerous to anything but your sense of dignity.

Check out the nine weirdest toilets we've ever seen:

Fish 'n Flush Toilet Tank

The Most Extreme Toilets

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