These 15 Viral Beauty Tricks Made 2016 Even Weirder

We mean that in the best way, of course.

Yes, 2016 was weird. And it had the beauty trends to match. Luckily, nothing lasts forever, even if those 100 coats of nail polish videos felt like they might.

As the year comes to an end, there’s no better time to revisit the trends that inspired a whole lot of head scratching, wonderment and just as many YouTube tutorials.

Check them out below and stay weird, beauty lovers.

Because the only thing more painfully hip than nail art is succulent nail art.

Edible, chicken-flavored and oh so weird.

3. The V-Steam.

This Gwyneth Paltrow-approved treatment involves a tube that blows hot steam onto your vagina that allegedly “balances female hormone levels” (dubious). We’re not so sure about paying upward of $50 to give our vaginas steam “facials,” but who are we to judge!

4. Hologram lips.

OK, this one, that requires just one $14 lip gloss, is just as cool as it is weird.

5. Lisa Frank hair.

Because rainbows make everyone smile. #lyssdidmyhair #rainbowhair #hairvideo #allthecolors #lisafrankhair

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The Lisa Frank obsession this year prompted a clothing line, coloring books and this mesmerizing, psychedelic trend in hair dye. Rainbow hair isn’t necessarily weird, but the fact that it’s inspired by 90s-era school stationary is a little unusual.

They’re made using “heavy glitter, base color and clear gloss” and they are so intense.

7. 100 layers videos.

Starting with “polish mountain,” beauty vloggers spent hours of their lives in 2016 demonstrating what 100 layers of mascara, foundation and liquid lipstick look like (to name a few). Jenna Marbles took it about 500 steps further when she did them all, plus hairspray and false lashes, because why not?

OK, this mani made with icing may have been a joke, but that didn’t make it any less weird (or fun to watch).

As if we needed another reason to idolize Nutella: it allegedly lightens hair (we are highly skeptical) in addition to being the most delightful snack on the planet. Have we mentioned we’re skeptical? Of course, pretending to use Nutella as a hair dye would be pretty weird too.

YouTuber Grav3yardgirl actually achieved some enviable ringlets from wrapping her hair in puffy Cheetos, but we’d still advise against trying this one at home.

Makeup brand Bitch Slap Cosmetics crafted these genitalia-themed highlighters that no one ever asked for.

12. Neck contouring.

So... Will this be a new trend? 😀 What do you guys think? #neckcontour (📷 @mwhairstyles) #fdbeauty

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Maybe useful for a red carpet you’re planning to walk down backward? Otherwise, this one just seems difficult to maneuver and a waste of time.

13. Boob masks.

You know those sheet masks you put on your face? Well, these are those but for boobs. They even have nipple cutouts. Reminder: Your boobs are perfect the way they are, sheet mask or otherwise.

14. Glow-in-the-dark hair.

Celebrity hairstylist Guy Tang created this high-octane dye job that legit glows in the dark. Black lights have never been more needed.

Vagisil treats yeast infections, sure, but its ingredients do wonders for filling in your fine lines and acting as a great base for makeup, according to a bunch of beauty bloggers.