These Food Combinations Are Totally Weird (But Strangely Delicious)

"How fun is that?!"

A peanut butter and… pickle sandwich? The combination may sound positively disgusting, but as this viral video shows, you might just love it.

Buzzfeed recently fed several bizarre food mashups, including cheese pizza with Nutella and Goldfish crackers in milk, to a group of understandably wary eaters.

Some of the weird concoctions were met with rave reviews. (“How fun is that?!” exclaimed one man as he munched on a PB&P sandwich.)

Not all the unlikely pairings, however, were winners.

“It feels like I ate a moldy crayon,” said one woman after downing bananas smothered in mayonnaise. “What monster created this?” demanded another.

Are there any bizarre food combinations that you swear by? Tell us below.

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