If Chicken Were Blue, Would You Still Want To Eat It?

Would you eat blue chicken, or take a bit out of green ice cream with purple toppings? Look at these photos and decide for yourself!

Lawrie Brown, a photographer located on the West Coast, has decided to challenge our taste buds with her latest "Colored Food Series." Set on a table spread that looks like something out of your grandmother's house, Brown took photos of traditional dishes and put an oddly disturbing spin on them.

Some of the dishes are coated in latex paint, while others, like the block of cheddar, were left in their "natural" state and still stand out because of the artificial dyes already in them. Looking at the photo of noodles covered in green slime isn't the safest thing to do if you're feeling a bit sick -- the science behind these photos tells us that visual cues directly correlate with our sense of taste.

Even though the photos are a bit hard to stomach, Brown has done an excellent job in starting a dialogue about food additives and artificial dyes. All in favor of switching over to a more organic menu and natural food coloring? AYE!

"White Rice"
"Yellow Butter"
"Green Ice Cream"
"Yellow Jello"
"White Bread"
"Orange Cheese"
"White Sugar"
"Pink Cereal"
"White Noodles"

Lawrie Brown is represented by The Scott Nichols Gallery in San Francisco, and you can see more of her work here.

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