Weird Divorce Story: Man Claims Church Bells Ruined His Marriage

We've heard some strange divorce reasons before, but this one is ringing a few alarm bells.

One Rhode Island man is suing a local Catholic church, claiming that its bells rang up to 700 times a week and led to the demise of his marriage.

John Devaney claims that the loud bells' incessant ringing created tension in his marriage, ultimately leading to the divorce. Devaney is hoping that his lawsuit will silence the bells that he says ruined his marriage.

The church responded to Devaney's complaints and said they would pray for a peaceful end to the issue. The church issued this statement:

The parish community is saddened that a sole individual would continue personal, inappropriate attacks harassing visitors, worshippers, and staff of St. Thomas More Parish. As a community of faith, we will pray for peace and understanding and that all our neighbors know of our charity and concern.

Check out the video above for more on Devaney's case, then click through the slideshow below for even more of the most ridiculous grounds for divorce.

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