Saddest Elevator Ever Reminds Us That True Love Is Often Fleeting

In the words of the comic (and modern day sage) Aziz Ansari, love is "beautiful and uniquely wonderful, but unfortunately, elusive and sadly ephemeral."

Anyone who's ever experienced a breakup knows that all too well. But if you need a reminder, this elevator design -- which made the rounds on Imgur this week -- ought to set you straight:

But they looked so happy together!

The attorney's elevator display got a fair share of attention during its month-long run in 2008, according to Stefan Magin of gkk Dialog Group, the Frankfurt, Germany-based communications agency who created it.

“We generated a lot of word-of-mouth advertising for Sabina Stobrawe among the clients of the law firm and other lawyers,” Magin interview with Media Life Magazine.

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