Weird Father's Day Gifts That Even A Normal Dad Will Love

Trust us: No Dad can say no to a bra that holds beer.

Being a Dad is one of the greatest experiences a man can have, but Father’s Day can be kind of weird.

Some people assume Dad wants a necktie, even though he only wears tank tops around the house.

Others get Pop grilling supplies so he can do all the work of preparing a meal.

To those people we say: Don’t.

Father’s Day is a time when you can make happy by getting him something that he’d never buy for himself.

In fact, look through our Father’s Day gift guide and you might see a few items that no one would ever buy for themselves.

Trust us: No Dad can say no to a bra that holds beer.

Some guys will go to any lengths to ensure a beer is next to them -- but even this is pretty extreme. Brewzies are a bra-shaped holster device designed to hold beers in breast shape pouches. Not to editorialize, but if Dad is so desperate for a beer that he's willing to wear a brassiere, it might be time to have an intervention.
Beer King Crown
Every man is the king of his castle, but only a few lucky ones get a crown like this. The Beer King Crown holds two beers -- perfect for the father who gets drunk with power.
Stormtrooper-Shaped Decanter
Everyone knows the stormtroopers in the "Star Wars" films are lousy shots. With this stormtrooper-shaped decanter, every shot should be good (depending on the quality of your scotch).
Barbell Beer Glass
Finally, workout gear for the rest of us. Dad will think of you every time he does curls with these barbell beer glass. In fact, he'll probably want two of them. You know, to ensure equal exercise on both arms. He'll appreciate how the barbells seem to get lighter the more he sips. And he'll be more light-headed.
Nonconformist Gnome
If your father is a man of few words and only one finger, he's sure to flip over this statue of a smug gnome brandishing his middle digit to a crazy crazy world.
Beer Sippy Cup
Dad may be a big baby, but that doesn't mean he's not afraid to adapt. This sippy cup for adults keeps drinks cold and reduces spillage so he never has to cry over spilled beer.
Gun Show Mug
Dad's days as a gym rat may be long gone, but there is no reason the same thing has to happen to his coffee mug. This one is perfect the father who likes really strong coffee.
Catfish Mailbox
If your dad likes fishing, he will likely fall for this catfish mailbox hook, line and sinker. You might even say he will give it his stamp of approval. That is, if you like saying cheesy puns (which this product inspires).
Rock Star Shower Curtain
Dad may love to singing to an audience, but if his voice leaves something to be desired, this rock star shower curtain can give him the feeling of playing to a crowd while keeping him from exposing his, uh voice.
Darth Vader Waffle Maker
Does Dad like his waffles on the dark side? Then this Darth Vader waffle maker is a force to be reckoned with.
Trump Russian Ties
Finally, definitive proof that Trump has Russian ties. This line of ties shows the president with good buddies Michael Flynn and Vladimir Putin. It's the perfect accessory to any Tea Party gathering. Or not.
Elmo Onesie
You might have grown out of Elmo, but is it possible you Dad didn't? Is it possible he has a secret desire to dress up like him? Is it possible he wants your mom to dress like him? Is it possible these are questions you really don't want answered? Definitely!
Daddy And The World's Longest Poo
As literary achievements go, "Daddy And The World's Longest Poo" isn't exactly "Oh, The Places You'll Go." It's more like "Oh, The Place Dad Goes." This gripping true-life tale (if your true life involves very large bowel movements) explains why Pop likes to spend so many hours in the can. To be honest: It's probably the answer to a question no one wanted asked.
Gorilla Gym
You probably don't have the nerve to ask Dad if he and mom like to swing. It's probably just better to give him this easy-to-install toy rather than get into awkward misunderstandings.
Chopsticks Shaped Like Darth Vader's Light Saber
George Lucas created a whole universe populated with strange, wonderful characters --that never seem to eat! Dad can get a taste of how Darth Vader might have dined with this chopsticks shaped like his red light saber.
USB Mug Warmer
Dad might like a hot cup of coffee while he readies his daily racist joke email blast. if so, this USB-powered mug warmer will keep his java warm even as his pro-Trump comments make you hot under the collar.
3-In-1 Flask Tower
Does Pop like to imbibe at inopportune moments? This 3-in-1 flask is perfect for him. Not only can it hold his favorite beverage, but it also shows his level of intoxication with a clever three-tiered system: If he gets to the "drunk" flask, he should call an Uber.
Sun Stove
Many men judge their manliness by their grilling skills. Others would rather it be as possible. For those, there is the Sun Stove, a solar-powered oven that uses the sun's rays to cook. The food is cooked inside a tube so it's best for dads who have a thing for long, thin food.
Levitating Golf Ball
Golfing dads are the easiest guys to buy gifts for: You just get something related to golf. He will likely be mesmerized by this desk toy that shows what seems to be a golf ball levitating in mid-air. You may have to talk Dad out of taking this to the golf course and attempting to tee off using this device.
Scratch And Sniff Book Of Weed
Pot is becoming legal in so many places that Dad might need a refresher on the many facets of marijuana. This scratch and sniff book should give him a sense of the world of weed. If your dad is Jeff Sessions, send him two copies.
Tailgate Football-Type Game
Football-loving dads will enjoy this tailgate game that turns ordinary folding chairs into goalposts. Basically, you throw a small football into a net located in the seat of the chairs. Dads may not enjoy sitting on the chairs as the net provides little support for his heiney. Oh well, he should be standing up more any way. It's healthier.
3-In-1 Breakfast-Station
If Pop lives in a small place but still craves a big breakfast, this 3-in-one breakfast station will allow him to easily make coffee, bacon, eggs and toast in one spot. Funny how cool gadgets make guys willing to fend for themselves.
Pool Ball Shot Glasses
If Dad likes to play pool, he will certainly appreciate shot glasses shaped like billiard balls. Who wouldn't?
Juijitsu Jammies
Dad may not be the best at MMA. He may not even be good at anything physical, but he will look cool in these juijitsu jammies. Hopefully, the outfit won't inspire him to actually do juijitsu movements because he could end up with crouching tiger, hidden backache.
Death Star Waffle Maker

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