28 Weird Fathers Day Gifts Perfect For A Crazy 2021

Your guide to everything from personalized beef jerky greeting cards to venison-flavored whiskey to an Honest Abe hat made for a dog.

These are crazy times, so shouldn’t your Father’s Day gifts reflect that?


Your pop probably doesn’t need any more ties, tools or “Grumpy Man” T-shirts, but a fishing pole made for cooking weenies over a fire? Absolutely! A collection of rubber ducks made in the image of the “Friends” cast? Shut up and take my money!

Finding weird gifts is hard, even in normal times, and pandemic-related shortages can make shopping even more challenging.

Luckily, HuffPost Weird News is here to help.

Your dad won’t be able to mask his enthusiasm for this year’s weirdest and strangest gifts ― even if he still has to wear a mask.

Cookies With Dad's Face On Them
Sure, homemade cookies can be a sweet gift for Dad. But in the big picture it's obvious baked treats are even better with Pop's face on them.
Brilliant Ideas I Had While Pooping Notebook
A lot of people come up with their best ideas sitting on the porcelain throne, only to forget them because pens don't write on flimsy toilet paper. This notebook will ensure humanity will benefit from the wisdom your dad gleans while answering nature's call.
At some point, all dads yield to utility over dignity. When that day arrives, give him the Canope.
Honest Abe Hat For Dogs
Remember all those times your dad lamented the lack of Abe Lincoln costumes for dogs? Those days are long gone, thanks to this Honest Abe hat made for canines.
Venison Whiskey
Has your dad discovered whiskey flavored with chopped-up venison? Oh, deer.
Fishing Pole Weenie Roaster
Does your dad love fishing to the exclusion of everything else? Then he'll fall for this fishing pole weenie roaster hook, line and sinker.
Pool Punisher
A secure pool is a necessity during the hot summer months. With the pool punisher, an inflatable float that includes a hose that blasts water up to 50 feet, the integrity of your dad's pool area is assured.
Second Place Dad
Not every dad is the world's greatest. If you value honesty in your relationship, he won't second-guess receiving this award.
Sip 'N' Stogie
A glass of whiskey paired with a cigar is paradise to some dads, but trying to hold both while gesticulating can be awkward. Thank goodness for this tumbler made with a spot to stash his stogie. Forget cold fusion -- this is what game-changing technology looks like.
Personalized Meat Card
Sure, you could give Dad a generic greeting card for Father's Day. Or you could customize a piece of beef jerky to say what you've always wanted to express but couldn't (because you didn't have the meat).
Disappointed Sigh Button
Does your father have trouble saying how he really feels about you and your life choices? Make it easy on him by giving him this Disappointed Sigh Button. He will appreciate your insight into the true nature of your relationship. Or not.
'Friends' Rubber Duck Collection
The "Friends" theme song is famously titled, "I'll Be There For You." But, frankly, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Ross and Rachel haven't been there for many fans in the bathroom. That omission has been fixed with this rubber duck collection -- a necessity if your pop likes pretending the bathtub is Central Perk.
Evidence Brand Marijuana
Cannabis is pretty much legal in many states these days. But if your dad is nostalgic for when pot was criminal, the Evidence brand of marijuana is for him. It comes in what looks like an actual evidence bag to remind him of the ... good old days??
Your dad made a lot of sacrifices for you, including forgoing his secret desire to master the Rubik's Cube. You can help him finally live the dream with HeyKube, a version of the game that uses directional LEDs to help him figure out the solution. You are so good to him.
Out Of Your Head
Is your music-loving dad missing seeing live shows -- or, more importantly, hearing them in all their glory? The Out Of Your Head software allows audiophile dads to hear their favorite Dad Rock recordings as if they are coming from a $30,000 pair of speakers and not a $40 pair of headphones. The downside is that he may want you to listen to Steely Dan even more now. Unintended consequences, I guess.
The RompHim
Fashion-forward fathers want to spend summer in something more stylish than just a T-shirt and shorts. When that day comes, we have the RompHim.
How many Father's Day parties have been ruined because Dad got a bad case of hiccups? Very few, probably. Oh. Theoretically, if there was a risk, you could minimize it with the Hiccaway, a straw designed to minimize involuntary spasms of the diaphragm.
Cacamamie: The Game Of Poop
There are crappier ways to spend Father's Day than playing Cacamamie, a poop-oriented product that calls itself "the No. 2 game in America."
Shirt Holders Don Draper Might Wear
They can put someone on the moon, but they can't stop a tucked-in shirt from popping out of the pants, or socks from falling down. However, these sort-of suspenders straight out of the "Mad Men" era can help your dad stop worrying about the errant shirttail or saggy socks when he's working on Madison Avenue -- or whatever it is he does.
Duck-Shaped Water Pipe
How will your dad react to getting a water pipe for Father's Day? Just ducky!
Football-Shaped Ice Mold
If your dad loves football as much as cold drinks, he will surely have a warm spot in his heart for this football-shaped ice mold.
Golden Gilrs In Space Lounge Jammeralls
Pajamas are cool. Overalls are cool. Outer space is cool, too. And so are the Golden Girls. But until now, these four cool things haven't really aligned. These Golden Girls In Space Lounge Jammeralls will have your dad singing, "Thank you for being an offspring."
Grill That Hitches On The Back Of The Car
What if a dad gets the sudden urge to grill, but is miles away from the barbecue at home? The Hitchfire Grill hooks onto the back of his vehicle, so he's never far from the pleasures of grilling.
The Spleash
Rover gets thirsty when walking with Dad, but carrying around a bowl is inconvenient. And watching the dog sip off a sprinkler is just sad. The Spleash is a leash that holds water, so the dog can wet its whistle. Thank you, technology.
Spicy Pickle Whiskey
Want to take a shot at giving your dad whiskey? This spicy pickle-flavored whiskey will definitely spice up Father's Day. It really does taste exactly as good as it sounds.
Round Hot Dogs
Ever get a craving for a hot dog, but only had hamburger buns? This product solves that by making the frankfurters into round patties rather than tubes. Imagine the joy on Dad's face when he asks, "Is this natural?"
Water Bottle That Doubles As Foam Roller
Getting ready to work out can involve the complicated drudgery of carrying both a foam roller and a water bottle. The Mobot simplifies things by combining them into one product. It's like the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of fitness aids.
Mow And Stow Lawnmower
Sure, Dad loves his lawnmower -- until it's time to put it back into the crowded garage. The Mow-And-Stow folds in half, allowing him space in the garage for even more stuff.
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