2015's Most Outrageous NSFW Halloween Costumes

Last year, zombies were huge. Now, defecation, feces, toilets, and flatulence are the big sellers.

It must be some kind of trick because there are a lot of tasteless costumes available this Halloween -- and, to us, it's a big treat.

This year, there are plenty of costumes that darkly satirize current events, such as the lion-killing dentist, PETA's version, the dentist-killing lion, and a tasteless Halloween frock depicting Caitlyn Jenner.

There is a Halloween costume available to offend every possible demographic this year, except maybe people who have poop for brains.

Whereas last year, zombies were huge, it seems defecation, feces, toilets, and flatulence are the big sellers this year.

Our annual weird Halloween gift guide gets right to the bottom -- literally -- of the year's most tasteless costumes.

Toilet Adult Mask
Feeling flush? Maybe a little down in the dumps? Have we got a mask for you.
Doo Doo Head
Big Mouth Toys
No one can say this Doo Doo Head mask is just another crappy Halloween costume. Nope, it's crappy on a whole new level. They'll go gaga for this at the Halloween party.
Middle Finger Costume
If you could tell the world how you feel without saying a word, would you do it? If you answered yes, you'll probably say thumbs up to this middle finger costume.
Subtle And Understated Italian Waiter Costume
This costume is so subtle that a bit of explanation may be in order. The apron is for a fictional restaurant called "Longini's," which may or may not be a double entendre. Attached to the apron is a plate of pasta with a long piece of sausage and two meatballs. The idea is that people will see the person in this costume and assume they have a sophisticated sense of humor.
Snake Charmer
Guys: When women see a giant snake coming out of your costume, they're sure to think, "What a charmer!" (Note: this statement is not backed by any facts or reality).
Ninja Disguise
Some people want any excuse to show their abs. This ninja disguise allows you to do it in a relatively appropriate manner (assuming people actually ask you about your ninja disguise).
Doggie Mullet
Want your dog to be in on the Halloween fun?With this pet-sized mullet wig, it's sure to be business in front, party in the back.
Creepy Face-Off Doll
This doll looks creepy enough when its chubby little hands are at its temples. Press a button and it rips off its face -- and then it's really, really creepy, like I-can't-stand-to-be-in-the-same-room-with it creepy.
Bloody Harry
Want to go out on Halloween in style? Serial killer style? How about this suit that is already tastefully splattered in blood so you don't mess it up by murdering someone yourself.
Ramen Noodles Costume
You are what you eat, and in college that means ramen noodles and cheap beer. So when you show up at the Halloween party in this outfit, people will say, "That's using your noodle."
Zombie Feet Slippers
Why go to the trouble of carefully assembling a zombie costume if you're going to get a pedicure? Spoils the illusion. These zombie feet slippers will make your own feet look gnarled and ugly -- just like before you got the pedicure.
Pussy Magnet
Frankly, there are probably less polarizing Halloween costumes than the Pussy Magnet.Still, I'd love to hear the conversation when someone asks about it at the party.
Inflatable Gorilla
Everyone at the Halloween party will go bananas when you strut in with this giant inflatable gorilla costume. Hopefully, you won't be too out of breath for the compliments because inflating this ape can really wear out your lungs.
Adult Naked Hillbilly Morphsuit
Whether you live in a red state or a blue one, this form-fitting naked hillbilly costume will help you look authentically Appalachian without causing your neck to redden.
Weird Sorta Elvis Costume
Want to dress like Elvis, but still freak people out? This giant-headed costume is bound to do both. If you're claustrophobic in the slightest, you'll be freaked out, too.
Dracula Dildo
Some Halloween artifacts should be put on display where everyone can see. Some, like this vampire sex toy with a name we'd rather not say, are perfect in the drawer next to your bed.
Alien Chest Buster Costume
Want to look casual, but still scare the bejeezus out of people? This Alien Chest Buster looks like a normal T-shirt and jacket, but your left hand is actually stuffed inside a rubber puppet. When the time is right -- you attack!
Butt Blaster Flame Shooter
You are sure to be the life of the party when you show up with a stuffed flame toy attached to the back of your pants. "It looks like you're farting flames, dude!" Hilarity ensues.
Flo Costume
When you show up at a Halloween party dressed as Progressive Insurance mascot Flo, everyone will be laughing, but not as much as the execs at the company."Somebody paid $49.99 to advertise our product!!! HA HA HA HA HA!"
Falling Head Illusion
This jacket looks like a normal tacky blazer, but it's not. It's a normal tacky blazer designed to make it look as if your head has been chopped off. The costume is simple, mastering the trick is hard.
No Possible Innuendo Hardwear Drill Costume
Some Halloween costumes are hilariously tasteless. Others are simple and have no innuendo, whatsoever. This classy drill outfit is one of those costumes. You'd never think the wearer is trying to make people think about sex. Not at all.
Teenie Weenies Pole Dancer Costume
The best Halloween costumes allow you to be someone different for one magic night -- and make a few bucks on the side. Even if it's a clear night, this pole dancer costume will make it rain.
Count Spatula
When it's time to make Halloween cookies, why use an ordinary spatula when you can use one that laughs like the Count character on "Sesame Street"? Oh, because the ordinary spatula is dishwasher safe. Good point.
Biohazard Toilet Paper
This is a great prop for your Halloween party. However, it stinks as toilet paper because it lacks absorbency and is scratchy. Consider yourself warned.
Adult Blunt Master
Where is the Halloween party? Anywhere the Blunt Master goes, dude! Of course, it's possible that the cops will be following that party, even in pot-friendly states.
Skeleton Dog Statue
You don't have to give this dog a bone -- it has plenty all over its body.
Sexy Spongebob
It's not Halloween unless someone tries to destroy childhood by sexing up an innocent cartoon classic.This year, Spongebob is getting the temptress treatment. Certainly, Patty won't be crabby when she sees the reaction this gets at the Chum Bucket.
Giant Halloween Fortune Cookie
Fancy Fortune Cookie
Anyone who has a chance to eat a one-pound fortune cookie stuffed with gummi worms is ... fortunate?
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