These Weird Halloween Costumes Are Perfect For Any Pandemic

Sexy plague doctor? Check! Giraffe? Yep! And who wouldn't want to dress up as Joe Exotic?

Does the thought of celebrating Halloween in a pandemic seem pretty tricky?

Maybe. But humans are resilient creatures and can find ways to scare up fun, even if the usual costume parties and trick-or-treating are off the table this year.

Though COVID-19 remains a serious concern, HuffPost Weird News can still help you enjoy the holiday.

And we promise: Wear one of the costumes in our Weird Halloween Costume Guide and you will have no problem getting people to socially distance from you.

Sexy Plague Doctor
Trying to come up with a costume that's appropriate for a pandemic? The Sexy Plague Doctor is the perfect cure.
Joe Exotic
Looking for a grrreat way to Netflix and chill? This Tiger King outfit will surely attract someone who wants to monkey around.
Leafy Super Woman Constume
No, "Leafy Super Woman" is one heroine who isn't in the Marvel or DC Cinematic Universes, but this costume will still smoke out compliments from a certain percentage of the population.
Presidential Pick-Me-Up Costumes
Any costume that shows the leader of the free world picking up a woman will grab attention. What you do with those eyeballs is up to you.
Cat Owner Role Reversal Costume
Circumstances may force you to spend Halloween with only your fur baby, but there is no reason you can't share the joy of the holiday by making your pet dress as you and you as your pet. It will be a treat for you and a trick for them.
Comrade Putin
If Vladimir Putin can help Donald Trump carry the 2016 election, he can certainly help carry you to every house in your neighborhood willing to give you candy.
Moon Man
Oh the hilarity of it all. People who see you from the front will think you're just taking social distancing to the extreme. Butt when they see you from the back they'll realize you're just being an ass.
Canadian Mountie
If you're one of those people considering moving to Canada if Trump is reelected, then this Canadian Mountie outfit is more than a Halloween costume -- it could become a regular part of your wardrobe. Or not.
'80s Boom Box
Dressing up as a boom box could be a blast at Halloween -- just make sure to wear earplugs because this costume is kind of loud.
Giraffe Jumpsuit
Finding a weirder animal costume than this giraffe jumpsuit will be a tall order.
Loofah Costume
Wear this Loofah costume and you will be showered with compliments. People may also make Bill O'Reilly references, so Google before you go out.
Pineapple PJs
Can't decide whether to go out on Halloween or just stay in? This pineapple costume can't decide either! It looks like a costume, but feels like pajamas. Perfect for a stay-at-home Halloween.
Infrared Man
Sure, this costume is a little in your face, but it's also scientifically accurate. Just keep telling yourself that.
Mermaid Man
Just imagine all the great conversations this Mermaid Man costume would inspire if you were in a situation where Halloween parties were feasible.
"What's that?"
"I'm dressed as Mermaid Man, a character from SpongeBob Squarepants."
"Oh. Hey, excuse me, I think I see someone I'll pretend to know."
Conversation: It's a lost art.
Clam Seltzer
Halloween costumes sometimes provide a window into a person's hidden side. Of course, with this hard seltzer outfit, the message is clear: When you drink, it's to get drunk.
Birthday Suit
So your costume is ... no costume?
Doggy Werewolf Costume
Since Halloween parties are out this year, you may have to recruit family members to join you in the fun. Your dog will love getting in touch with their ancestral wolf side in this doggy werewolf costume. There's supposed to be a full moon on Halloween, so Fido may change into a werewolf without the outfit.
Salt Shaker
"I want a costume with a little spice."
"How about dressing up as a chili pepper?"
"Too hot for me."
"Well, how about a clove of garlic?"
"That stinks!"
"Well, you could go as a salt shaker. i mean, salt is a spice, right?"
"Yes, but it's more dependable than other spices. People will know I'm sensible but know how to have fun ... at times."
"Well, that's definitely a message."
Boner the Caveman
If you need a costume that also promotes social distancing, leave it to Boner the Caveman.
Bob Ross Painting
This Bob Ross-themed costume is perfect for the person who wants their "happy little trees" to be a little sexy as well. Just be careful about people brushing up against you.
Bottle Of Fireball
The more your fellow Halloween partiers drink, the more compliments you will get on this Fireball Whisky costume.
Kids Pterodactyl
This kiddie pterodactyl costume will help your child "pterrorize" the neighborhood.
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
Parents can expect to get one, maybe two Halloweens when their child is too young to help pick their own costume. This Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume will be adorable when the kid is 1 -- and great blackmail when they are 14.
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