26 Weird Mother's Day Gifts Better Than What You're Planning To Give Her

What mom wouldn't want action figures of the "Impractical Jokers" cast or a Nancy Pelosi votive candle?

Are you dreading shopping for Mother’s Day? Can’t blame you there. Trying to find gifts for the woman who gave you life is a daunting task.

And malls, stores and online retailers don’t help by force-feeding generic items like flowers, brunch or perfume down consumers’ throats.

Your mom is not generic; she’s one of a kind. That’s why HuffPost Weird News has combed the world looking for bizarre and strange products that will surely appeal to your very special mother.

Yep, when she opens that package on Mother’s Day and sees peanut butter whiskey, a combination hairbrush/ bottle opener or a candle shaped like a middle finger, don’t be surprised if she looks at you with renewed respect and whispers with joy, “You get me. You really get me.”

You don’t have to give us the credit.

Hairbrush/ Bottle Opener
It's an age-old conundrum: Hairbrushes are great for brushing hair, but suck at opening beer bottles. Meanwhile, bottle openers are terrible for brushing hair. So whoever decided to create a hairbrush that doubles as a bottle opener is operating on a different level of genius entirely.
Darth Vader Humidifier
If your mom gets clogged sinuses, you can breathe easier knowing Darth Vader is around to ensure there's plenty of moisture in the air. Warning: You can only make the "Luke, I am your 'humidi-father'" joke once.
Impractical Jokers Action Figures
What do you get the mom who has everything? Something she probably doesn't want: Action figures made to look like the cast of the TruTV prank show "Impractical Jokers."
F You Candle
A candle of someone flipping the bird is definitely not for every mom. However, you can probably immediately think of someone who either wants or deserves it.
Nancy Pilosi, "Our Lady of Shade" Candle
Even if your mom is not political, she's probably good at throwing shade your way. This Nancy Pelosi votive candle will let her know you respect that superpower (even if you don't necessarily like it).
Sleep Robot
You've probably given your mom many sleepless nights, but you can try to rectify things with the help of the Somnox. It's a "sleep robot" that expands and contracts in a pattern that resembles human breathing during sleep. Although it can indeed make it easier to fall asleep, the real fun comes when your mom has to explain all this to her friends.
Headband That Doubles As Reading Glasses
Reading glasses are just a fact of life for many people as they get older, but some people don't want to carry glasses around the neck. The solution? The Eyebandz, a headband that camouflages reading glasses. If your mom needs to read directions or even this article, she just has to put her headband in front of her eyes, a move that won't look strange to bystanders — I promise!
Lovely Ring That Doubles As Self Defense Weapon
Think this is just a lovely piece of jewelry? Guess again. Normally, the "Defender Ring" looks as if it's topped with a rose design. But if danger appears, your mom just has to remove the rose to reveal a small spike sharp enough to puncture. Fun for all!
Fake Yoga Mat That Holds 6 Beers
It's no stretch to say that this beer holder disguised as a yoga mat is the perfect solution to a problem we only recognized in retrospect.
Zombie-themed Bedding
Anyone who doesn't think their mom secretly wants zombie-themed bedding is probably lacking a brain. Mmmmm, brains.
Pot-infused Popcorn
Ever wonder how your mom is able to bingewatch crappy Hallmark Christmas movies even in the middle of summer? Well, her secret probably isn't marijuana-infused popcorn, but wouldn't it be great if it was?
Doggie Air Conditioner CoverGerrard Larriett, LLC
How did we get along with ugly air conditioners for so long? Beats me, but, thank goodness, someone is working hard to make the front of air conditioners seem less ... appliance-y? Nothing like a bunch of smiling dogs to add a touch of warmth to a cool room.
Star Wars X-Wing Inflatable
Your mom is sure to enjoy reffing your Marco Polo games a lot more when she's watching them aboard this inflatable version of an X-Wing fighter from "Star Wars."
Bathroom Wine Glass Holder
The problem with most showers is that they are lacking in one crucial detail: access to alcohol. This wine glass holder sticks on the shower wall, ensuring your mom access to her favorite cab, merlot or pinot.
Wood Frame That (Sort Of) Looks Like A Smartphone
Let's face it! Taking the perfect smartphone photo can be a lot of pressure. The ModeQuiet solves that emotional crisis with a very minimalist approach: Instead of an advanced technological miracle, the ModeQuiet is a simple wooden frame shaped like a smartphone. Your mom can have fun taking imaginary photos without having to worry about her thumb blocking the view.
Owl Eyeglasses Holder
Anyone who wears glasses probably misplaces them a few times a day. This helpful owl sculpture will help your mom not fly off the handle if this happens to her.
Avocado Huggers
Even the most avid avocado aficionado may not want a whole fruit. The Avocado Hugger is a sort of avo-condom that keeps the fruit fresher than just leaving it uncovered. Your mom will be impressed (or at least pretend she is for your sake — she knows how sensitive you are.)
If your mom likes to travel on crowded planes, this neck traction support pillow is heads and shoulders above other neck pillows. Plus, it's a good way for her to train her neck muscles should she choose to become a human giraffe.
CBD Face Mask
They're putting CBD in everything these days, so why not a face mask? The MantraMask supposedly contains powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, vitamin-packed, skin-rejuvenating, calming, analgesic, anti-acne, anti-anxiety and cellular-regulating properties thanks to CBD, a prominent cannabinoid. Think of the joy you'll have when she uses the gift and you tell her, "Hey, those masks were made from weed, Mom! You hear me? Weed!"
Pizza Fanny Pack
A pizza fanny pack is a great way to give Mom a pizza your heart. Of course, now is not the time to tell her that fanny packs are never stylish.
Peanut Butter Whiskey
Mmmmm, peanut butter whiskey. Regardless of whatever issues you have with Mom, give this to her and you're immediately the favorite child.
Giant Fake Diamond
Scenes from a joyous Mother's Day:
You: "Mom, I love you so much that I decided to get you a big giant fake diamond."
Mom: "You shouldn't have."
You: "I know, but you've always been there for me and I couldn't think of any better way to express it than with a big giant fake diamond that won't fit comfortably on a ring or a necklace."
Mom: "You shouldn't have."
You: "Oh, you're so sweet. But you deserve something as cool as a big giant fake diamond just because."
Mom: "You shouldn't have."
The best gift you can give a parent? How about decent sleep. The BedJet is a climate-control machine that allows a couple to set their preferred sleeping temperatures when they share a bed. Your parents may no longer fight over the blanket again. What a good child you are.
Chardonnay Go Board Game
This board game originally started out as a vino-centric spoof of Pokemon Go. Now it's basically an excuse to drink. Cheers!
Diamond Ring Balloon
Any mom will surely take a shine to a giant diamond ring balloon, but don't make a big deal out of it (you wouldn't want her to think you're full of hot air).
Drink Like A Mother Wine Collection
It doesn't matter what I write. Chances are, you've decided whether this works for your mom just based on the photo.
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