These Weird Gifts Are Perfect For The Weirdest Mother's Day Ever

Mom won't be able to socially distance herself from alien-themed salt shakers, a pocket chainsaw or a wearable reproduction of Kim Kardashian's butt.

It’s not easy to celebrate Mother’s Day during a pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Your mother gave you life — and while stay-home orders may keep you from seeing her in person, you can still show her that you’re thinking of her.

Meanwhile, she can wonder what you were thinking when you gave her that wearable reproduction of Kim Kardashian’s butt.

In that case, social distancing may not be a bad thing.

Dog Face Buff
Admit it: Last year, the thought of giving mom a face mask would have seemed ... weird. Now, it's one of the most loving things you can do, especially if she loves dogs. Like, really loves dogs.
Wearable Reproduction Of Kim Kardashian's Behind
Bring Mom's dream to life with this wearable reproduction of Kim Kardashian's keister. I imagine it could inspire some true bonding between you (I have a very vivid imagination, apparently).
Alien Salt And Shaker Set
Your mom will surely find "space" for this alien-themed salt and pepper shaker set.
Air Guitar
Did your mom say she wanted to use her time in self-isolation to finally learn a musical instrument? Yeah, we know how that went. Still, you can support her creative endeavors with this classy air guitar. And she can practice without waking up the neighbors.
Pocket Chainsaw
Those trees in the back aren't going to cut themselves. Luckily, this pocket chainsaw is just the sort of cutting-edge Mother's Day gift your mom is sure to (pretend to) appreciate.
Grilled Chicken Painting
If your mom's TV habits are split between cooking shows and true crime documentaries, this painting of a chicken being "grilled" is sure to make her cluck appreciatively.
Kimono That Can Hold A Champagne Bottle In Back Pocket
Sure, Mom will love wearing this stylish kimono around the house, pool or backyard. However, it's also utilitarian – it can hold a whole bottle of champagne in the back pocket. Now, that's a design that understands the needs of the user.
Robot That Closely Follows You Carrying Your Stuff
Your mom probably has a lot of stuff, and frankly, it's a hassle carting it around. Luckily, there's the Gita, a "following robot." If your mom balks at the idea of having a robotic helper shepherd her stuff around the, uh ... house, just look at her lovingly, and tenderly say, "It's the 21st century! Get with the program, lady!" She'll love your gentle message of respect.
Pickle Wine Stoppers
Does your mom's wine goes bad before she can finish the bottle? Well, that's quite a pickle. So, fittingly, why not give her these pickle-shaped wine stoppers? (Don't bother answering, I can't hear you).
Chilean Hot Dog Earrings
At this point, it probably doesn't make sense for mom to wear her best jewelry when she's only in leggings and T-shirts — quarantine life! Still, if your mom likes her hot dogs Chilean-style with mayo and avocado — and we realize this is a very specific niche — then she is sure to love earrings shaped to look like the regional dish.
Peanut Butter & Jelly Fragrance
Perfume always makes good "scents" as a Mother's Day gift. Whether that edict stretches toward a peanut-butter-and-jelly fragrance is a matter of personal taste.
Biscuit-Shaped Shoulder Bag
A purse that looks like a biscuit? Now that takes the cake!
The Witcher In The Bath figurine
This figurine of Geralt, a character from the Netflix series "The Witcher," can't help but become a valued family heirloom — if you have a really weird family.
Cannabis Leaf Pasties
Sure, pasties shaped like marijuana leaves may seem like a bizarre Mother's Day gift, but, hey, self-isolation is pushing people to make major changes in their life — and maybe wearing marijuana pasties is one of them.
Human Head Flower Pots
Is your mom stuck at home alone? It can be hard to live without seeing a friendly face, so maybe a few creepy-looking human-face vases are in order? Maybe? Show of hands? Bueller?
Decorative Turtle Couple Welcome Sign
Just because your mom probably shouldn't have visitors doesn't mean she can't pretend to welcome guests. This "decorative turtle couple welcome sign" is a great way for Mom to say "shello" to the mail deliverer, Grubhub driver or neighbor who doesn't respect boundaries.
If the past few months of living indoors has made you forget the purpose of shoes, you're not alone. Still, if your mom is nervous about not wearing shoes, these pads that fit on the soles might be a happy medium. Or not.
Handy Hats
If your mom does decide to take a walk, it's important to carry ID and maybe some money. But pants and jacket pockets are so, ugh, 20th century. Today's modern mom carries around her essential documents inside a baseball hat. Really. She does. You can look it up. (Editor's note: We found no evidence to support that lame assertion).
Easy Bake Oven For Pot
Has staying at home inspired mom to tackle baking? Well, butter and bread are a natural combination — especially if Mom infuses the butter with lots of God's green herb. This cooking device allows Mom to activate, infuse, melt and bake her cannabis in one easy container. It's one gift she'll be high on.
Phyx THC Water
Mom may need a little buzz to get through these times, but if alcohol isn't her thing, she can try this sparkling water laced with THC. It provides a pleasant, mild high, but, frankly, it takes a while for it to hit, so expect a lot of phone calls and texts that say, "I'm not feeling anything yet. Are you sure this works?"
Reflexology Sock
Is self-isolation rubbing Mom the wrong way? Well, these reflexology socks can help her ease any nagging pains she may be feeling as a result.
Lip Service Ashtray
If you can't give your mom a kiss on Mother's Day, maybe you can give her a lip-shaped ashtray instead? It's basically the same thing, right? It's not? Oh.

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