These Are The Mother's Day Gifts Your Weird Mom Really Wants

No matter if your mom is into "Star Wars," wine or something even wilder, we've got you covered.

Mother’s Day can be a mother of a day when it comes to gift shopping.

Sure, you could go for generic items, like flowers, brunch or perfume, but that just sends Mom a message: You’re a cookie-cutter generic female.

We know that’s not the case: Your mom is one of a kind. How else could she create a weirdo like you? (That’s meant to be a compliment.)

So show Mom you know you appreciate her wacky side by giving her a gift on Mother’s Day that reflects it.

HuffPost Weird News is here to lend a hand with the following strange gift suggestions. You don’t have to thank us now.

Bread Slippers
Every mom appreciates a nice warm pair of slippers, but when they are shaped like loaves of bread, she'll feel extra toasty.

Chihuahua Mug Shot
Art is in the eye of the beholder. Certainly Picasso and Van Gogh wished they were good enough to create this gloriously cheesy picture of a Chihuahua's booking photo.

Cigarette Butt Fridge Magnet
Smoking is a terrible habit, but most fridge art is also horrible. That's why the perfect way to put them on the fridge is with a magnet designed to look like a stubbed-out cigarette. Your mom will agree (maybe).

R2-D2 French Press
If your mom likes French press coffee, this may be the droid you're looking for.
How Was Your Day Wine Glass
Mom not a big talker? This wine glass is a godsend to help figure out Mom's mood based on the amount of wine she needs. Hopefully, she will thank you for the gift and not blame you for making it necessary

Kale Necklace
Your mom's foodie friends will be green with envy with this gold necklace dedicated to 2016's trendiest vegetable: Kale. Who knows? Maybe they'll make a Brussels sprouts bracelet next.

Blood-Splashed Cutting Board
Your mom will have a bloody good time chopping up meats and veggies on a cutting board that looks like a huge blood spill. Trust us: We know these things.

Violin Wine Case
Maybe wine is your mom's security blanket, but she feels weird carting around bottles everywhere. This violin case is a subtle way to keep her buzz going -- even if she gets sick of people asking her to play the violin.

Bob Ross Sticky Notes
Your mom deserves a lot more than just Post-its for Mother's Day. How about sticky notes that celebrate TV art teacher Bob Ross? Perfect for doodling happy clouds.
Vape Pen
Mom might want to get a little high for Mother's Day, but maybe she hates the smell or the hassle of loading a pipe with crumbly herb. The solution: A vape pen for cannabis extracts that will give her a good clean high and make her feel like a hipster to boot. No, you can't borrow it.
Giraffe Toilet Paper Holder
Nature is wonderful, but sometimes humans can improve on it. Case in point: This toilet paper holder, which demonstrates what a giraffe's neck was truly designed for.
Pink Bong
As more and more states legalize marijuana, the paraphanalia will become more mainstream. Oldsters are a budding market for the cannabis industry, and this pink water pipe is your way of telling Mom that high times are headed her way.

Chalkboard Globe
The world is changing, and so are globes. This chalkboard globe will let Mom create the world she really wants.
Shower Beer Holder
A nice hot shower and a cold beer are the perfect way to end the day, but so far technology hasn't evolved enough to allow them to share the same space -- until now with this Shower Beer Holder. Thank you, science!
Blunt Coffee Mug
Your mom may not be so talkative before she has her morning coffee. Luckily, this mug will do the talking for her.
Vagina Plush Toy
A vagina is nothing to toy around with -- unless it's an actual toy. Your mom will fall in love with this plush toy version of the organ she used to give birth to you. See? Circle of life, people. Circle of life.
Martini Weathervane
Does Mom love both martinis and meteorology? How about a weathervane shaped like a martini shaker and glasses? Hopefully, if the wind is blowing hard, this vane will not only be shaken but stirred.
Wine Socks
Warm feet, cool wine, good times.

Bottomless Mimosa Glass
Finally, a mimosa glass perfect for Mom (and everyone else)!

Box-O-Cocks (Rooster-shaped Suckers)
Once the kids grow up, a mom's job changes from raising them to shocking them. One way she might do this is with rooster-shaped suckers and a few sweet jokes. Honestly, that's just one way.

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