Top Weird News 2011: The Year's 11 Oddest News Stories

While doomsday evangelist Harold Camping predicted the world would end May 21, we at HuffPost Weird News knew the truth -- our strange world was only becoming more bizarre this year.

Among many other amazing things, 2011 gave us the birth of conjoined twins who share one two-headed body, and at last report, the extremely close brothers were happy and healthy.

Over the year, we were introduced to a man with a 100-pound scrotum, a woman who crawled inside a dead horse, another woman who taught new mothers how to turn their afterbirth into vitamin-packed nutritional supplements, and a diaper-wearing, pacifier-sucking man who calls himself an "adult baby."

Some of us found God in a Walmart receipt, others beautified themselves with injections of tire sealant and cement.

UFOs were spotted on an NFL broadcast, stoned wallabies were almost blamed for crop circles, and a prominent investigative journalist blamed the legendary Roswell space crash coverup of 1947 on a Nazi-Soviet conspiracy that involved notorious Auschwitz madman Josef Mengele and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.

And in weird science, we shudder to think how the researchers conducted this study: Experts now believe that sex with animals can lead to penile cancer.

As we look forward to an even stranger 2012, here's a list of our 11 favorites from 2011:


Best Weird News 2011

-- Ben Muessig contributed to this report as one of his last acts at HuffPost Weird News. We will miss him. Nuts to you, Gersh Kuntzman.