If You're Dating A Weirdo, We Have The Perfect Gift

Everything your Valentine would want from blood-splattered bath mats to taxidermied mice.

Valentine’s Day is the weirdest of all holidays. It’s a day when people are supposed to focus on one particular lover by giving them generic gifts like flowers, candy or a nice dinner.

Where’s the imagination? Where’s the creativity? Where’s the personal touch?

Right here in the HuffPost Weird Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Surely, there is something here that will be perfect for the lovable weirdo in your life.

Trust us. We know weirdos.

Junk In Trunk Male Thong
An elephant never forgets and neither will your lover when you show up in this thong featuring the face of an elephant. The googly eyes on the elephant's face only add to the sensuality. Or not.
Gun-Shaped Wine Bottle Opener
Don't have a wine bottle opener? Shoot! Actually, don't shoot. Just use this gun-shaped wine bottle opener. Just put the bottle in a barrel and pull the trigger and you can drink. Mmmm, guns and alcohol: two great tastes that go great together!
Bacon Roses
Flowers are such a cliche on Valentine's Day, it's better to ham things up with these bacon roses -- cooked bacon placed lovingly on stems to resemble real flowers. Unlike flowers, you can eat these buds.
Welcome Home Gnome
In olden days, many an adult party ended with a woman jumping out of a cake. That tradition has gone away, but this gnome hopping out of a mushroom is the next best thing. Probably wouldn't want to see this if you are on 'shrooms. It would freak you out.
Anatomically Correct Heart Pendant
There's no better day than Valentine's Day to cynically remind your love that the heart is basically a muscle designed to pump blood throughout the body. And there's no better product to do that than this anatomically correct gold heart pendant. Your lover will see it and say, "Be still my beating heart." You will reply, "Actually, you don't want that to happen because otherwise blood will stop moving through your body carrying and you will collapse." Your nickname will henceforth be "Buzzkill."
Heart Eyes Emoji Mask
It's easy to express your true feelings in emojis. Real words? Not so much. With this emoji mask, your Valentine will know what you think about them even if they can't see your face or your text messages. So what if it's a little creepy. Lots of things about love are creepy. Anyone who's seen a movie on the Lifetime channel knows that.
Spoon Pillow (That Looks Like Something Else)
Some couples like spooning, but if you can't be there, you can send this spoon-shaped pillow. Honestly, this looks less like a spoon and more like something else. Well, if you're down to fork...
Blood Splatter Bath Mat
A conversation we'd like to hear:"I got you a blood splattered bath mat for Valentine's Day.""What?""A bath mat that looks like it was in a crime scene. You know, with blood dripping all over it. It's quite realistic.""Thank you ... I think.""I knew you'd love it. I'm intuitive like that."
Tipsy Wine Glasses
In wine there is truth, and a lot of wobbling around if you drink too much. These tipsy wine glasses will remind your love that you are much more attractive after a few glasses of vino.
Ukanlayme Shower Curtain
If your Valentine needs a hint about your interest, this shower curtain can provide a subtle hint. Of course, if you can only communicate your desires via shower curtain, there may be a deeper problem than any Weird Valentine's Day Gift Guide can solve.
IUD Earrings
The best Valentine's Day gift may be one that shows your respect for a woman's reproductive rights, such as these earrings that are shaped like an IUD. These are not meant to be a substitute for real birth control (then again, neither is the rhythm method).
Anatomical Heart in a Mug
What a great way to wake up your Valentine: A cup of coffee where the mug bottom is shaped like an anatomical heart. How thoughtful. How medically accurate. How goth.
Handcuff Bracelet
What better way to celebrate the joy of two souls intermingling than a device used when taking criminal suspects into custody? This handcuff bracelet will tell your Valentine that they are a prisoner of your love.
Love Stinks Pillow CafePress
Ah yes, dogs sniffing butts. The universal symbol of love finally available on a throw pillow. Love Stinks dogs sniffing butt throw pillow:
66-Inch Plush Rose
For the person who confuses quantity with quality: This 66-inch giant plush rose. No, there are no thorns, but figuring out where to put it after Valentine's Day could a be a thorny issue. On the bright side, this thing does a great job of cleaning cobwebs out of hard-to-reach areas. Not sure the manufacturer wants me to tell you that.
Boob Shaped French Press
French press coffee never seemed so titillating. This breast-shaped funnel is the perfect way to celebrate the joys of both java and the feminine body in one fell swoop. I'll take mine with cream, please.
Anatomical Heart Undies
A woman's booty is the way to some guys' hearts, so why not make it obvious by wearing these undies featuring an anatomically correct heart. Of course, if the undies get faded with time and look like just a faded red blob, that won't be a problem or anything.
Boxer-Briefs That Are Probably Too Sexy For You
We could make a joke about having a heart on for Valentine's Day, but our heart isn't in it. It's on these very revealing boxer-briefs, which can also double as cheesecloth in a pinch. https://www.3wishes.com/mens/mens-sexy-wear/hearts-of-golden-boxer-briefs/
Heart-shaped Egg Poacher
Breakfast in bed? How romantic! Heart-shaped poached eggs? How charming! Cleaning this metal device of yolk afterwards? How difficult and time-consuming (even when you follow the directions designed to avoid this)! Of course, heart-shaped poached eggs do look cute.
Death Star Planetarium
Looking at the stars is a time-honored act of romance, but who wants to gaze at those boring old stars in your own galaxy? And sometimes it's just too cold or too cloudy to go outside. This Death Star Planetarium not only brings the stars inside but features the constellations from the Star Wars universe. Now you really can see the moons of Endor without going into hyperspace.The romance is strong with this one.
Pyropet Candles
What a wonderfully morbid Valentine's Day gift: A cute candle of a kitty, rabbit or bird that becomes an evil skeleton after the wax melts.After all, the holiday is meant to represent that anything that is good and pure inevitably dissolves into dust or bones. Oh, it's not? Guess I better stop listening to so many emo records.
Beating Heart Morphsuit
Looking for a truly heartfelt way to show your love your feelings? Come to them in this body-clinging not-creepy-at-all Morphsuit designed to look like your skin has been removed from your body. There's a pouch for your phone near your heart. Download an app and your love will see your beating heart for reals. No, you won't freak anyone out (I don't think).
Kiss Necklace
A Hershey's Kiss Necklace is a sweet thing to give your Valentine, but make sure they understand that it is not edible. Learn from my mistakes. As a result, I learned that my dental insurance is not as good as I thought.
Boom Box Yoga Bag
Yoga is a great way to stay in shape for your Valentine. This boom box-shaped yoga bag is a great way to show you're in tune with your lover's hobbies.
Hearty Buns Brief
If you have the confidence to pull off these revealing briefs. You will probably also are also confident you will be pulling them off fairly quickly after showing them to your love. Funny how that works.
Tenderheart Bear Costume
Want to make love furry style? Just show up in the boudoir dressed as Tender Heart Bear. Because there is nothing creepy about making love dressed as a beloved children's character.
Pokeball Purse
If your Valentine is one of the few people over the age of 11 still obsessed with Pokemon, get them this purse. When it comes to hearts, you don't gotta catch 'em all -- one will do the trick. http://www.fun.com/pokemon-pokeball-heart-faux-leather-cross-body-bag.html·
Vader Boxers
Darth Vader boxers: When you really want to show off your light saber.
Excessively Milataristic Cupid Statuette
n these trying times, Cupid needs more firepower than arrows to puncture the hearts of young lovers. Cupid 2.0 comes with a "Love-zooka" and lots of amorous ammo. You think the upgrade would include a uniform change. The diaper is probably soggy by now.

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