Testing: 8 Weird Ways To Get Rid Of Dandruff (PHOTOS)

When Robert Pattinson admitted to his dandruff problem, we hoped more stars would follow suit and reveal their dry scalps. Not many celebrities have spoken up since, but that's no reason to shy away from solving this slightly embarrassing problem.

We're not saying that we have heaps of dandruff like the questionably-hygienic dreamboat, but it's definitely one of our many beauty concerns as we transition into spring. After deciding that the cult favorite Head and Shoulders just wasn't cutting it anymore (sorry, Alyson Hannigan), we decided to put some unconventional treatments to the test.

We found a good mix of household solutions to try out on a group of dandruff-inflicted subjects. Each participant followed specific instructions for their respective remedy: Over a period of two weeks, apply the remedy to dampened, product-free hair before washing with a non-detergent (and non-medicated) shampoo.

But was it worth it to slather their scalps in our prescribed concoctions? Check out the slideshow below to find out!

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