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8 Weird Ways To Get Rid Of Moths (PHOTOS)

Now's the time of year where we normally take fall clothes out of storage...only to find that our sweaters now sport a constellation of small holes. Moths love nothing more than to chomp on cashmere, winnowing a collection of cardigans down to a small handful.

Moths seem to be a hit-or-miss issue with most people. Some toss their woolens aside for a season without any special consideration for storage and never have an issue. Others painstakingly dry clean and pack away their cold weather clothing and find the tell-tale holes. Can you guess what camp we're in?

Which leads to the question: Are we using moth balls? No. They might keep moths away, but the smell also has a repellent effect on the world around us. But we have tried the go-to natural repellent (cedar) products and came up...well, still hole-y.

So last year, we put the following other methods to the test. Our method was this: Before we sealed a sweater in a garment bag, we added the following internet-recommended natural repellents. We chose the natural repellents that a) came up repeatedly on message boards and b) smelled the nicest. All repellents were placed inside a breathable muslin bag.

And this year, we opened the garment bags...and found out what worked and what did not. Check out this slideshow to see how we fared.

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