8 Bizarre Men's Grooming Gadgets That You Never Knew Existed

Just in time for Movember.

It’s beard season, the time of year when a man’s tender chin protects itself from the chilly winds underneath a cozy, bushy beard. But a man doesn’t just have a razor at his disposal. There are also plenty of grooming tools out there to help keep him looking fresh.

Take The Cut Buddy, for instance, which has sold more than 30,000 units and become a bestseller on Amazon. It’s simply a plastic template that helps guys trim their beards and keep their lineups fresh between trips to the barber.

At first blush, you might think The Cut Buddy is a gimmick, but at $14.99 it could be worth trying if you don’t have the steadiest hand. Check it out along with the rest of these weird grooming gadgets, which are ready and waiting on Amazon.

The Cut Buddy
The Cut Buddy ($14.99, Amazon), a "batarang"-shaped gadget that helps a guy line up his hairline, side burns and beard, was invented by a guy who used it on himself for about 15 years before turning it into the best-selling Amazon product that it is today.
The GoateeSaver
The GoateeSaver ($19.99, Amazon) is a template that's meant to help you shave out the perfect goatee shape, saving you from the dreaded "crooked goatee," as its manufacturers claim.
The Beard Guide
This chin strap, called the Beard Guide ($6.99, Amazon), is no torture device, but is instead a band that guys strap to their face to help line up their beards as they shave. "Now you can trim your beard along the customizable and flexible Quality Time Beard Guide template," its makers say of the soft, clear piece of plastic you attach to your face.
The Beard Bib
The Beard Bib ($19.99, Amazon) suctions to your mirror and presumably catches all the bristles from your freshly groomed beard as you shave. "Your roommate or spouse will never again complain about a million tiny hairs all over the bathroom sink, countertop and floors," its manufacturer says.
The Scalp "ATV"
The HeadBlade ATX Razor ($15, Amazon) is built to look like an all-terrain vehicle so that you can shave the bumpy terrain known as your scalp in no time. "Specifically designed to make shaving the head fast, easy, and fun," HeadBlade says you just put it on like a ring and roll it over your head against the grain.
The Neck Saver
The hair on the back of your neck grows just like the hair on the front of it, so you should shave that, too -- the Neck Hair Line stencil ($12, Amazon) will help you keep it straight, if you don't like asking someone to shave it for you. Its maker claims it is "the best tool for creating and keeping a clean neck and curved hair line along the neck."
The Multi-Tool
You didn't think your beard needed a multitool? The Groomarang ($14.99, Amazon), with its brush, comb and shaper, works around your neckline, cheek line, jaw line and goatee zone. "The two sized teeth comb design ensures that any size beard can be tamed and styled effortlessly. They also help to glide beard oil through the hairs. The brush ends provides the ideal clean up solution, ridding yourself of any stray off cuts," the company says.
The Edging Razor
If you want a straight razor that can attack your beard, eyebrows and mustache lines with "precision shaping," as its maker suggests, the Star Mustache and Beard Razor ($6.50, Amazon) is for your beard.

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