Weirdly Funny Father's Day Gifts That'll Make Your Dad Raise An Eyebrow

For the man who has plenty of ties, check out these gifts, including a goatee-shaving aid and a urinal built into a golf club.

This is a weird time for Father’s Day. Heck, it’s just a weird time.

So it’s a perfect time for weird gifts.

Yes, even though the news leaves little room for fun, there’s no reason you can’t lighten the mood by giving your dad a gift for the special day that will raise his eyebrows or make his mouth drop.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve curated some of the weirdest gifts available for discerning dads, and there is surely something for every kind of weird father.

Trust us: That’s every kind of dad ― period!

Check out our Father’s Day weird gift guide:

Tiger King Gator Statue
If your dad is a fan of the Netflix documentary "Tiger King," you can get him a truly exotic statue of a gator dressed up like Joe Exotic. Even if he's unfamilar with the show, his reaction might be worth the money.
My Perfect Goatee
If Dad insists on wearing the same type of facial hair as hipsters, IT workers and people with round faces trying to look slimmer, the least you can do is make sure he does it right. This goatee saver will ensure that his beard is the true GOAT.
Golf Club Urinal
When you gotta go, you gotta go -- even when you're on the golf course. The Golf Club Urinal will allow your dad to take a swing at answering nature's call even on the putting green. Even better: Dad's playing partners will assume he's just getting his swing in check, not taking a leak in public.
Sriracha Shirt And Hat
Dads who love Sriracha will have the hots for this shirt featuring the label of the beloved hot sauce. However, you really need to insist that your father pair it with the cap that comes with it -- it balances the look.
Octopus On Goose Egg Sculpture
Art is in the eye of the beholder, but your dad is surely going to be inspired when he sees this sculpture of an octopus hugging a real-life goose egg. Imagine the great conversations you and your father will have discussing surrealism, dadaism and other forms of avant-garde art. Just don't let him get hungry when he looks at it -- he might cook the goose egg for lunch.
Fvck Covid Beer
A sentiment your dad has probably expressed many times over a cold beer is now a kind of cold beer.
Bear Onesie
No, Dad won't find this bear onesie humiliating at all. Get it for him. He'll dig it.
Orgy Shirt
If your dad seems preoccupied with the coming of the next sexual revolution, this orgy shirt is perfect for him. From far away, it looks like an ordinary patterned shirt. But up close, it's quite a -- conversation piece.
Poo In Progress Sign
Some Father's Day gifts may seem like they are for Dad, but really they are for you. This helpful sign will let you know when to steer clear.
My Dad Is No. 1 Urinal Screen
Want to let your dad know your feelings in a place he's sure to notice? This urinal screen will tell Pop he's not a second thought to you.
BaseCamp PizzaDome
Camping is fun and pizza is fun. But having a pizza delivered to a campsite is impractical at best. The BaseCamp PizzaDome will let your father enjoy his precious pies while enjoying nature.
Golf Club Covers That Look Like Your Pet
Your dad is living a private hell: All those times he has gone to the golf course without covers for his clubs that look like the family dog. For shame. For shame. Well, that's something you can help him rectify.
Is your father into cannabis -- like reallly into it? Well, I'll be blunt: The cannagar might be the best gift. It's a device that easily makes a blunt that can last through hours of smoking. That should keep him happy and sleepy and posting conspiracy theories on social media.
Turkey Bong
Most people only eat turkey on Thanksgiving, but a pot-loving dad will sure gobble up this bird-shaped bong.
Darth Vader Cooler
Sure, a Darth Vader cooler is a cool Father's Day gift, but be prepared for lots of corny jokes: "Luke, I am your father. Get me a beer."
Posture Corrector That Looks Vaguely BDSM
Your dad probably bugged you constantly when you were a teenager to "stand up straight." Well, now the shoe is on the other foot, isn't it? However, you don't have to be aggressive -- just give him this posture corrector that fits under his shirt so he can wear it at work -- or without the shirt if he's at a BDSM club.
Roku Ultra
This streaming device isn't weird, but some of the available channels are bizarre. If you go beyond Netflix and Hulu, you can find channels devoted to popping bubble wrap, strange industrial films and arcane documentaries.
Football Wine Aerator
OK, so maybe your dad didn't win a Super Bowl trophy. But you can still show him he's no drip with this football wine pourer.
Cannabis S'Mores
Surely, Dad is a fan of s'mores, that taste treat that combines chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. Well, these cannabis candies take those classic ingredients and add a little THC. Join your father in taking a couple and you should both have a sweet time.
Baseball Bat Wine Rack
Baseball still hasn't restarted since the coronavirus pandemic, but this wine rack made from a bat will touch all bases.
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