Stop! Find Your Way Back Home!

Stop! Find Your Way Back Home!
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“Home is where your story begins.” ~ Annie Danielson

Our journey has to begin somewhere. Home is that place. This is one of my favorite quotes for a variety of reasons. It speaks to me as a mother, because as such, we create the moments and the memories that form the foundation and the core of our family’s lives. It speaks to me on a humanistic level because as people, our homes represent our sanctuaries, the places we come back to daily, our comfort zones. It resonates with me as a reinvention life strategist because we all have a “story.” In fact, we all have several personal narratives or stories that evolve and change with each chapter of our lives. While the journey of our lives has to begin someplace, the twists and turns are ours to independently navigate. That navigation becomes your “place” and it is your individual and unique “home.” This home is at the heart of why you do what you do. This home is an evolution, which means you need to allow space for it to change and develop and redevelop over time. What drives you? Is that driving force in alignment with the life that you most want to live?

What’s your story?

We all host a variety of stories within our individual libraries. They are structured from the tapestry of our lives, both the things that “happen to us” and those that we create. We have both internal and external dialogues that we write and replay. The external stories that we share with the world, represent what we want everyone to know about us. They may or may not reveal our own internal drama. While externally, it may appear that we are growing and changing…inside our heads…there is often a very different and conflicting narrative. Hidden between the various chapters of our lives, fear lurks with a pen and paper. Fear has the ability to alter our realities keeping us from exploring and evolving.

Unstopped, fear has the power to forever change our ability to change.

How many times in your life have you faltered and aborted something just short of reaching a goal? When may you have ended a personal or a business relationship because of lack of commitment, time, or motivation—or because you felt that someone was not living up to their end of the deal? Where have you let procrastination and “time management” factor into the decision making process? If any of this sounds familiar, your creative writing abilities may be hindering your interactions with the world around you. Indecision and fear may have taken over your game. So what is the best way to step away from your individual excuses long enough to take action and rewrite your story?

Try this: We simply cannot be committed to our own personal growth and to a loop of fears at the same time. The stories that stop us, need to stop. Since we create it, we can change it up! It is up to each of us to friend our own fear, to meet it where it is in order to circumvent the effects of it. Think of all the things you could do if you just let your life play out…possibly a little unscripted? This does not mean that our journey should not have a destination, but it does indicate that the roads we travel on need to be explored. Exploration creates our story; the story does not create the exploration. So, just STOP. Find your home. Give yourself permission to actually live there…where you really are NOW, not reflective of your past or predetermining your future. Take in what is actually in front of you. Your friend or spouse behaving badly may have much less to do with what they said or did and much more to do with what you wanted them to say or do. We see things in those around us that they do not always see in themselves. Let go of the script. Just for today, meet the people and commitments in your life…exactly where they are at…not your pre-written interpretation of them…but the actual real life version of them. Then repeat this tomorrow. Do the same thing with your “decisions” around time. Is there something you need to do, want to do, can see yourself doing, but you don’t have the time? Guess what? You are never going to have the time unless you carve it out. What can you do? Right now? What small piece of what’s next in your life can you incorporate into today? Begin. Rewrite your script. Make it the story you most want to tell. Let this center you and become your sanctuary…your personal home.

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