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'Welcome To Myrtle Manor' Premiere: Elderly Woman Skinny Dips In The New Pool (VIDEO)

It was back to the south for the latest TLC reality show when "Welcome to Myrtle Manor!" debuted. Lest viewers think the fancy name means it's anything like "Downton Abbey," this reality series is about a trailer park in Myrtle Beach. As one might expect, it certainly features an eclectic group of people living together.

There's the impotent landlady, a hot dog saleswoman, a drifter-stud ... and then there's Peggy. Peggy's an elderly woman who was more excited about the new pool than anyone else there probably appreciated. She was so excited about it, she took off her top and started swinging it around her head.

"I woke that party up. I guarantee everybody was clapping, and weeping and raring," Peggy said.

In her defense, The Sun News reported that Peggy "had just finished battling breast cancer for the second time and learned she was healthy right before filming." So she certainly had reason to be happy and excited. She just chose an awkward way to show it.

The Star Tribune wasn't impressed with this debut, describing it as "the latest reality series from the Learning Channel, a network that appears to think that we’re dying to ‘learn’ more about stereotypical Southern hicks."

Come back for more with the trailer park gang at "Welcome to Myrtle Manor" every Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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