Welcome to Nashville Byline

Welcome to Nashville Byline, a blog about all things Nashville.

I'm an investigative journalist here at HuffPost, where I cover civil liberties and the criminal justice system. I moved to Music City from Washington, D.C. in May 2010, and started this blog as a way to explore my new hometown and do some writing that wasn't quite so heavy. I was with Reason magazine at the time. When I moved to HuffPost, the Nashvillbe blog went on a hiatus until we could get up and running.

Spend any time in D.C. and you'll quickly realize that a disturbingly high percentage of the people who move to Washington does so because they envision themselves someday becoming president. Nashville is filled with people who envision themselves someday opening for Willie Nelson. I find this to be a much nobler ambition. And one held by a generally nicer class of people. So I like it here.

I plan to use this blog to interview the people who make Nashville Nashville, to explore the city's history and culture, and to generally take in as much as I can--and then to write about it all. I also dabble in photography. So there will be pictures. I imagine there will be a heavy focus on music, because that's what the city does best.

The banner you see is a photo of the Owen Bradley statue just off the Music Row roundabout. The banner text is in Nashville font, created by Disturbed Type, and inspired by the wood block prints made by Nashville's famous Hatch Show Print company. Yes, the name is a bad pun on the Bob Dylan album. I also like bad puns.

If you have ideas on people to interview, topics to cover, places to visit, interesting places to take my camera, must-try restaurants, or anything else Nashville that's worth a mention, please do email me

So welcome. Hope you enjoy the blog.