Welcome to Regatta Park

Another park was added to Coconut Grove's long line of parks that dot the waterfront. As of Saturday,  Regatta Park is officially open. The long-planned park is on the site of the Coconut Grove Expo Center which was home to many home shows, art shows and many other events, including Jim Morrison's infamous exposure episode with The Doors in 1969. The final incarnation of the Expo Center (also known as Dinner Key Marina and the Coconut Grove Convention Center) was home to Burn Notice, the tv show, when it became a movie and tv studio. Movies like Marley and Me and others were shot inside the studio. But today it is a park.

This morning, Saturday, there was a large party to welcome the new park to the Grove's waterfront.

There was free yoga, free games, food and drinks.

People are already fitting in.

At left are two Grove artists, Lisa Remeny and Eileen Seitz. At right is Kevin Kerwin, City Parks Director, who emceed the welcome ceremony. Kevin told me that there will not be a dog park section in Regatta Park but dogs are welcome in the park.

As these people were entering the park at South Bayshore and Pan American Drive, I overheard the lady say, "Oh, how beautiful!" And that seems to be the sentiment of the neighbors who were out for the opening day events.

Free yoga classes started the day at 9 am.

The view from the Dock Master's office, in the park.