Welcome To Sweater Weather

Welcome to sweater weather. It's the beginning of the season we look for a hand to hold tenderly inside coat pockets. It's the time that we hug the sheets a little tighter and stay in bed a little longer. It's the era of the year when we search for love to heat our hearts until spring returns.

Welcome to sweater weather. It's the time we say goodbye to tanks tops and say hello to hats and gloves. It's when we're ready to take that fling to the next level because it's too cold to meet someone new. It's that period of our lives when we anxiously wait for the twinkle lights to come on like anxious children.

Welcome to the end of fall that only lasts as long as your holiday spiced latte stays warm. Welcome to the season that jumps right from cool afternoon to freezing nights. We're getting ready to dress up more and hoping to find someone to undress and cuddle with. We're skipping over cold brews and heading straight for hot cocoa.

We're letting go of the summer and freezing memories until spring. We're getting rid of the baggage that we collected in the heat of the moment. We're moving towards new beginnings and finishing up old promises. We're holding on tightly to the end of our sweaters to keep out the wind and the days from slipping from our fingertips.

Here we are trading in the colors of the leaves falling to the colors of the snow sprinkling. Here we are giving up late nights on a rooftop to early nights in front of the fire. Here we are looking for coats and people to keep us warm. Here we are stepping towards a season that gives us one last chance to make the year what it was meant to be.

Welcome to sweater weather. It's our chance to let go of mistakes, to let go of regrets, to smile at the accomplishments and to not stop there. It's our time to keep going until the ball drops. The time is now to declutter your heart from the summer's wiles. It's when we realize there's so much of life left to fall for before snow starts to fall.

We have less than one month to do everything we said we would a whole year ago. We've been running through life since January and it's time we stopped to breathe for a second. It's time to we looked around and saw everything we've accomplished. And it's about time we realize that sometimes it's not about resolutions but revelations.

We are in the midst of sweater weather. We're a little bit tired, a little bit disillusioned, and a little bit chilly. But here - in sweater weather - we have our greatest opportunities. For finishing what we started, for falling in love, for being spontaneous, and for living in the moment because we need to be able to say that we did.

So while the sun is setting sooner, we can't let it dim the light inside of us. It's time we enjoy good conversation around a fireplace, but we also fire up the dreams we've kept kindling. It's time we warm out throats with libations, but we also warm our hearts with kindness and good will.

Whether we're putting on a turtleneck, a cropped sweater, or a cardigan - it's about the heart on our sleeves and not the material on our backs. Regardless of the price tag of our pullover, it's about making sure the year was priceless. All sweaters aside, it's the season we have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

It might be cold, but we have all the power to turn up the temperature in our lives. It's sweater weather, and it's our last chance to make something out of this year.

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