Welcome to the Values Revolution

Welcome to the Values Revolution
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This post has been adapted from Global Tolerance's Values Revolution report.

Evidence shows that more and more, people expect all aspects of their lives - from their careers to their purchasing decisions and the way they spend their spare time - to have a positive impact on the world. This is not a trend. It's a profound societal shift in thinking - and it's happening everywhere. We call this the Values Revolution.

According to our research, over two-thirds (68%) of people think that businesses, governments and nonprofits all need to deliver more social and environmental change. Nearly three quarters want to see more transparency and 81% more accountability.

The Values Revolution is particularly noticeable in millennials (those born between 1981-1996.) A whopping 84% of millennials consider it their duty to make a positive difference through their lifestyle and 61% are concerned about the state of the world and feel personally responsible to improve it. [Deloitte]

We found that half of millennials would choose purposeful work over a high salary. Two-thirds - a significant proportion of the next generation talent pool - want to work for a company that makes a difference to the world. The majority of millennials (60%) prefer to buy products or services from ethical companies while two thirds volunteer for a cause they care about.

Clearly, organizations across all sectors have some work to do to impress their customers, donors and employees of today and tomorrow. Many organizations start at the end - with the comms and marketing - but our research clearly shows that organizations must authentically embrace values across all areas of their operations. In short, they must walk the talk. Only then will they see the benefits of increased affinity and loyalty amongst customers, employees, voters and donors.

To help organizations embrace the Values Revolution, organizations must find compelling and authentic values, then live these values across all areas of their operations before finally building on them to engage employees, customers, donors and other key stakeholders.

It's no longer enough for organizations to state their impact - they have to prove it. Savvy organizations must embrace the Values Revolution authentically - by integrating values across their strategy, operations and communications in order to make a tangible difference and succeed in a values-driven world.


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