Welcoming Refugees with Sweet-Smelling Soap

Having a teenage daughter who is really into body care products that ignite the senses has been fun. From lotions and potions to make-up, soaps and even candles, my daughter has amassed a collection of feel good stuff that resembles mini-spas in our bathrooms and closet shelves.

When she dragged me into the store, Lush, at the mall one day - I was bewildered by the colors and scents all around me. Everything is hand made, organic. There are stickers on the products with cartoon faces and the name of the person that made the item. The products are vegan, ethical and support humanitarian causes.

This was a lot for a non-sensory person like myself to take in. It actually took me a few trips to the mall with my daughter before I got completely hooked on Lush.

But I'm so there now.


Lush stands for everything that is right up MY feel-good alley in that proceeds from some of their products go directly to humanitarian causes. From the Lush website:

We are, and always have been, a campaigning company. We believe in standing up for animal rights, protecting the environment and supporting humanitarian causes. With over 150 stores in North America, we have a unique platform to create positive change in our world, and we put our ethics into practice through activism and charitable giving.

They have these awesome charity pots, where 100% of the proceeds goes to 'small, grassroots organizations working in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights.' Clicking through the Charity Givings portion of their website provides a burst of feel good love, good will and inspiration.


From lotions, shampoos, deodorant and foot powder to soaps, bath bombs and bubble bars - there is something for everyone. If you are buying personal gifts for someone, why not help humanity at the same time?

I for one bought the Sex Bomb for my Valentine. It literally explodes inside the bathwater, fizzing like a 4th of July firework. A small piece of the Sunny Side glittery golden bubble bar had me toe to chin covered in bubbles in just moments of soaking in the bath. And smelled so good! I'm hooked.

I was thrilled to get an email about their latest campaign, a cause close to my heart, for Syrian refugees: Ahlan wa Sahlan, #refugeeswelcome, Extend a Hand of Friendship. At a time in the United States when xenophobic politicians are spreading Islamophobia and discouraging people from helping Syrian refugees, Lush is opening their hearts completely to them.

"Due to ongoing conflict in their country, millions of Syrians are leaving their homes to flee violence and keep their families safe.

Help us spread a message of support and welcome to our new neighbors."

Lush has created a Friendship Fund:

100% of the purchase price of each limited edition Hand Of Friendship Soap will contribute to the Friendship Fund. The fund will be used to support the most urgent needs of refugees resettling in North America, as determined by experts in education, advocacy and direct services.

They did a great job on their website explaining the plight of the Syrian refugees, providing an online petition as well.

I couldn't wait to get to the mall to get my Hand of Friendship soap. I was greeted by a sweet and energetic Lush associate who showed me the display and gave me a post card that I promptly wrote a personal message on. I dropped the post card into the box on the display table with hopes that a Syrian refugee will read my personal message and know that we are in this with them, and that we are not turning our backs on them.



The soap itself smells like cherry blossoms, a scent I love, but one also appropriately reminiscent of our nation's capital that is illuminated with the blooms every spring. To me, they represent new beginnings and the sweet scents of freedom and hope.


The Lush associate told me that the soaps have been selling really well and that they wanted to raise more than $300,000 for the refugee cause.

This is not a paid advertisement. This is Yasmina Reality the Blogger genuinely moved by this campaign and wanting to promote it for the goodness that it is. And yeah, I am loving my new soap. I'm going to start lathering up with it today.