Welder Turned Whole-Hog BBQ Expert Fires Up Smoky Cue In Savannah

A fire nearly destroyed B’s, but the community came together to rebuild it

A few years ago, Bryan Furman was a welder living in Atlanta. Now, he’s running one of the city’s most popular barbecue joints — born out of his passion for raising whole hogs and harvesting local produce. His whole hog joint, B’s Cracklin BBQ, almost didn’t survive, when a 2014 fire destroyed the entire restaurant — but the entire BBQ community came together to raise enough money for Furman to reopen in Savannah, which soon led to yet another location in Atlanta.

Furman still raises all of his hogs himself, using each part of the pig in his menu, from the smoked shoulder and burnt ends-based meat gravy to the salt-and-pepper-smoked brisket to B’s signature dish — the whole hog plate. B’s Georgia and Carolina-inspired peach mustard sauce is as popular as his barbecue — sweet, tangy, sour, and with just a hint of spice. Be sure to save some of it to go after you’re done with your food, as Furman isn’t giving away the secret sauce recipe anytime soon.

** Furman works with a local farmer who raises the hogs for him, he doesn’t raise them himself

Pro tip: Try the collard greens and homemade Peach Mustard Sauce