Bug Out! 9 Must-Have Adornments Worth Swatting For

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We're definitely not allowing you to be a fly on the wall with this trend, so allow us to put bug in your ear about how wearable these eerie arthropods can actually be!

Want to give it a try, but a little spooked?

Give it a try without feeling flustered with these tips:

- Look for grown-up baubles in burnished gold, sans rhinestones, which can ultimately make the piece look less luxe.
- Opt for not-so-sweet scarabs, beetles, mosquitoes, praying mantises and cicadas over dainty dragonflies and ladybugs. This trend is a little more hard-edged and serious.
- Give a nod to the trend by experimenting with abstract forms. Scarabs etched right onto a neutral resin offers a simple sculptured piece, without feeling forced.

We put some... errr feelers out and curated a stash of beastly beetles, creepy cicadas and sinister mantis pieces worth swatting for!

Are you as bug-eyed as we are over this trend?

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