Well, He Did It. And He Did It Extremely Well.

I've grown accustomed to his job out of necessity. It's really only weird to see him on television in public places (billboards and gyms) when I'm completely anonymous and have a special connection with "that dude" that no one around me realizes.

Last night I remembered how awesome it is that my dad is Brian Williams. I could not be prouder to share genes, a last name, love for SNL, and many other things with him.

The show was a great success. His acting was nuanced, subtle, and wonderful, the lines were delivered naturally (not a surprise), his characters were colorful, he took enough risks and didn't cross any lines, and lastly: HE'S FUNNY! Let the record show that Brian Williams is a man with a mind for journalism and comedy.

His versatility should be commended. He accomplished so much during this week. During our few video chats throughout the course of the process, we were able to catch up about everything that was going on in both of our lives (one of those things, in both cases, was not sleep). He was so psyched about this all week and withheld almost all the information about the show from me so I could be surprised. And I was.

This morning, he woke up and said, "I'll put this on the mantle and look at it every day. This experience is something to be proud of, remember fondly, and leave it where it was. I am excited to go back to work on Monday."

He will. And as always, he'll return poised, refreshed, and live at 6:30 PM EST on Monday night.

I love you dad, and congratulations.

Allison Williams.
"And that's the way I roll."

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