16 Wellness Gifts For The Mom Who's Into Healthy Living

Healthy gifts for the organic mom.
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She’s swapped her morning coffee for a cup of frothy matcha, ditched drugstore skincare for all-natural beauty brands that don’t have chemicals and tries to avoid one-use plastic whenever possible. Finding gifts for the woman who’s into all-natural living sounds complicated, but it’s surprisingly easy given the popularity of wellness gifts these days.

If you know an all-natural friend or parent who has her finger on the pulse of all the latest crunchy health and wellness trends, you’re in luck, because whether she’s a yoga queen, a meditation guru or an essential oils expert, these 16 healthy gift ideas for her will open her chakras and feed her soul.

Here, 16 wellness gifts for the healthy mom:

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A kit so they can make their own natural cleaners at home.
With two spray bottles, two removable citrus juicers and a microfiber cleaning cloth, this Full Circle natural cleaning set will keep the house spotless, fragrant and chemical-free.
Smoothie bombs to add a nutritious punch to her morning drink.
Every health-conscious mom loves a good smoothie, and these superfood-packed smoothie bombs add flavor, color and extra nutrients to an already healthy liquid meal. Choose from four different flavor and ingredient combos to help her start her day out right.
Some all-natural deodorant to keep her fresh without fear.
Kopari Beauty
Most drugstore deodorant brands contain irritating ingredients like aluminum and baking soda that’d make any wellness lover shudder. Fortunately, there are alternative deodorants made with all-natural ingredients like coconut oil. Kopari’s coconut oil deodorant also includes coconut water and sage oil.
A personalized vitamin pack delivered just to her.
Care/Of provides a daily supplement pack filled with vitamins that address your personalized health issues. Just have the wellness lover in your life take the simple online quiz, then offer to foot the bill.
An essential oil diffuser.
Essential oils are beloved for all kinds of reasons, from their ability to promote calm sleep to fighting inflammation. Get an aromatherapy diffuser here.
A purifying water bottle for her weekend hikes.
Help your favorite on-the-go mama stay hydrated in the wilderness with this ultralight purifying water bottle, which removes 99 percent of viruses, disease-causing bacteria, sediment, chemicals and heavy metals from freshwater sources.
A way to grow plants indoors, so her green thumb can flourish.
It’s one thing to keep your plants alive in the summer, but once winter hits, all bets are off. Help the eco-friendly mom cook with fresh herbs all year long with this cute UV growbar from Food52. Throw in a hydroponic garden tumbler set and watch her kitchen transform into the herb jungle of her dreams.
A cruelty-free way to brighten up her skin.
Cult-beloved beauty brand Glossier is loved for many reasons, from its gentle Milky Jelly cleanser to its no-frills Boy Brow kit. The vegan mom on your gift list will love a cleansing face mask that detoxifies her skin and banishes acne-causing oils. Did we mention it’s vegan?
A bold new yoga mat for her daily vinyasa.
Because her old one is probably well-worn by now. These stunning, almost-like-art yoga mats from Anthropologie, are just the thing to reinvigorate her weekly yoga class. Don’t forget to throw in a mat cleansing spray to keep it smelling fresh after her hot yoga sesh.
A menstrual cup, for the woman who wants to reduce her environmental footprint.
Not only will the Diva Cup eliminate her tampon and pad waste, it will also completely change her life because of how easy it is to use and money it’ll help her save.
An zodiac-inspired journal where she can pen her intentions.
With zodiac insights and ample opportunity to reflect on the year to come, this beautiful journal invites readers to set intentions and create positive change within their own lives. Find it at Modcloth.
Some CBD oil, for a natural dose of relaxation.
No it won't get her high, but it will chill her out and probably help her sleep better, too. Buy it here.
A Himalayan salt lamp, to lift her mood.
Himalayan salt lamps are said to have many benefits like improving allergy symptoms, boost mood level and increase energy, but even if they don’t, they’re a stunning bedside accessory for anyone. Buy one here.
A frother for her morning matcha.
For the woman who’s ditched her bulletproof coffee for an earthier cup of morning matcha, get her a frother that’ll make her at-home cups as good as her favorite cafe’s. Get it on Amazon.
A meditation ritual kit, for when she’s feeling stressed.
Complete with two clear quartz crystals, some Palo Santo sticks, a California white sage stick, an Abalone shell and a cobra stand, this kit contains she needs to cleanse her space and her mind.
A bento box, so she can bring her healthy lunches on the go.
Get her a super cute stackable one at Modcloth — and don’t forget the reusable beeswax sandwich wraps!

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