WELOVENYC: «Everyone In Their 20’s Is A Robot»

Passion: Family, music, workout

Favorite song: «Of all these concerto» in G minor

Hidden gem: Ward 3

Angry tweet: “New York. Dirty minds. Dirty place. Dirty people. Keep on living it»

Karl works in finance. The myth. The legend. In NYC. So many movies and TV-series have been made, capturing the culture, speed and brutality of the industry… or...?

The Moneymaking Monkeys

«I think people expect that we’re gonna be these huge, moneymaking monkeys. I’ve found that a lot of the guys who’s been around a while aren’t really that nasty. They’re genuine and smart. Media helps craft it to this wizardry»

«Movies like The Wolf of Wall Street. I think people want it to be that way, so media feeds it back to them. It becomes a cycle with «Ohhh yeah- it must be that way in New York».

Apparently, we’ve witnessed some fake news here... Let’s face it. Life is not a movie.

«If you have a family, don’t move here»

The Machinery That Created The Myth

In his early career, before Karl started his own venture capital, he spent time in what he describes as the machinery. Where the myth and the movies has it’s roots. The stock market and the floor brokers. When big events strike worldwide, when political climate changes, the shit hits the fan and brokers try to navigate the storm.

(Watch his video interview further down)

«You have to have a military mind. You have to execute, stay perfectly calm and not get lost in your emotions. Then the storm calms down again. I think that’s why people get drunk by the end of the day, because there is a lot of pressure.»

From Booze To Baby

«I used to spend $ 20-30 k on booze and parties a year, so when I think about it in perspective it’s much better to spend the money on a child»

Yes… he recently got a kid. And that changed a lot for Karl.

«Once you have a child, it’s like taking care of your artery. It’s a piece of you. It’s the best part of the day seeing this little person light up, seeing her dad. She opens the doors and come running towards me. I pick her up and kiss her. It’s cray. I’ll tell you: No-one in venture capital does that to you when you get into a room»

«Before you settle down to have a family, there is so much to absorb in this city. Some people get enough of that, some people don’t. They keep on going. My wife calls them Peter Pan’s. The boys who never grow up»

The contrast between the he-man striving financial professional to the family man is like two separate worlds. Work-life balance, playfulness, reconsidering core values are just a few of the highlights.

«All the little nonsense. You don’t care about it anymore. Kids have a calming effect on me. I listen a lot more. It changes your mindset. It matures you. It’s not about you anymore. You have to take your business hat off and put on your little kid hat. The best part is you get to re-live your youth. You remember how it is to be curious again.»

The Many Faces Of New York

Having a kid didn’t only change Karl. It changed the city. Or at least the lens in which he experience the city.

«There’s the lense of being a family. You start finding the calm places of the city. The oasis's with other kids and playgrounds. That’s nice. So I’m seeing New York in a new way. Then you meet parents doing interesting stuff. New Yorkers. Their kids are in the school. Everyone care about the community, keeping it clean. It’s a very different lens than seeing New York for it’s parties, bars, nightlife»

«Movies like The Wolf of Wall Street. I think people want it to be that way, so media feeds it back to them. It becomes a cycle with «Ohhh yeah- it must be that way in New York».

Regardless of the lens, people have always been what fascinates Karl about NYC.

«I love the access to so many different types of people. Otherwise it’s just cement. There is always something that’s special in every person I meet. Even if you first see them, and they seem a little weird or boring, once you get to talk to them, they’re doing something really cool.»

You also get to guide your own path here. If you want something to move and happen fast, you can make it happen. If you fail, it’s because you failed. There’s access to all the money, all the people. You just have to do your best to get it. It takes that type of person in New York. Someone who’s self-starting.”

The Resume That Kick Ass

If you can survive the competition and insomnia, NYC is the best place in the world to build your career in finance.

«If you’ve worked in finance anywhere in New York, you can get any job anywhere. Due the competition. People are coming from all over the globe. It’s a melting pot of the fast and furious. If you do well, you can get any paid position wherever you wanna go»

«If you have a family, don’t move here» That’s his last advice and reflection. With a twist of irony of course, but also with some truth to it.

«It’s expensive to have a daughter raised in the city though. It’s insane with the school system. We had to put our 2 year old daughter into a private school. Up until nursery school we pay $15 000 a year. Then it’s like $30-40 000 a year»

Holy cow. That will be my last words. And thank you Karl.

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