WELOVENYC: "I Fell In Love With What My Mind Is Specifically"

WELOVENYC: "I Fell In Love With What My Mind Is Specifically"
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  • Passion: Fashion, mystery, visuals
  • Song that makes her happy: Dreams- Fleetwood Mac
  • Angry tweet: «Men- if you see a pregnant women- give her a seat»
  • Hidden gem: Baccarat Hotel

I’m entering a world of fashionable fantasy and mystery. She welcomes me into her garden. It’s a green fluffy carpet turning into grass. It’s her world. Faustina Rose’s world. The master mind on embracing fantasy. Into everyday life, and most visually manifesting in her weird, spicy personality. It’s her niche. Her statement. Telling stories. Inspiring and challenging what fashion really is.

Fashion Today Lacks Creativity

«Right now fashion is so safe. They’ve learned who their market is and they’re catering to them so much that they don’t allow that person to grow. I think you have to challenge the consumer so they can grow and change so you as an artist can grow and change.»

(See her video interview further down)

She’s talking from experience. Traditional fashion is not bold or challenging enough nowadays. That’s why she decided to leave the industry some years back and move into her own personality.

«I moved to NY originally because I wanted to be in fashion. I did that. Then I realized I don’t love the fashion industry. That it’s myself I love and NY that I love.»

«I fell in love with what my mind is specifically. A lot of people in fashion don’t have any creativity or opinion on things. They just follow a leader. That’s not what I love about fashion. What I love about fashion is the freedom of expression and I’ve learned that’s always what I’ve had and I’m fearless about my expression. So I learned I was the thing that I loved about fashion»

<p>Hat by Pabllo De La Cruz. Leather jacket by SKINGRAFT</p>

Hat by Pabllo De La Cruz. Leather jacket by SKINGRAFT

A Comedic Fashionable Personality

Today, Faustina Rose, better known as Fausti, is building a career on her own personality. She describes herself as «A comedic personality and enigmatic muse telling stories through self-portraiture, fashionable self-expression and inspiration» So there you got it. Nothing less. Spot on.

Fausti found her way after moving to NYC. Apparently, most people will if they choose to stay.

«You find yourself here more than anything. So if you’re really trying to escape whatever you want to get away from, you will find yourself here. If you really wanna escape yourself you don’t move to New York»

It’s not as black and white of course. NYC will treat you well if you have strong brainpower when arriving. If not, you can easily loose yourself.

«There’s so much temptation here. Also, if you’re a little too naive, you can make the wrong decisions. You gotta always be consciously aware here cause a lot of things are too good to be true. I think that’s how some people loose themselves here»

Fashion Reflecting Opinions

Going against the tide is not the easy way out. Representing the edgy, funny, storytelling personality that chose to peacefully say fuck you to the industry and believe in her own take on fashion, has it’s downsides. Her pictures are substantially different and innovative, so it’s more challenging to be featured in magazines or get promoted. Still, with a strong will, talent and conviction she’s growing big on social media.

«Fashion is a thought. I think collections should reflect any current events - like politics and what the designer is thinking about it. And then our job as the consumer is to showcase our personal style by giving our opinion to what the designer has made. That’s why we’re able to look into history books and see clothes that make sense with the time. The clothes explain their life more than any text could».

«I don’t like when people only dress in vintage clothing because you’re not contributing to the time and generation that you live in now. Interpretation and additives of vintage are great! But I don't believe in being a walking add of the past, especially when now is the most exciting time to be alive»

So- she wants to speak her mind. Through fashion. Challenge people to get out of comfort zone. Through fashion. Grow. Through fashion.

Those Magic NYC Moments

There is one thing Fausti never get’s sick of in this city. Well. There are plenty. Like walking… or buying her morning coffee. Or playing with her dog. Or getting to know new people. And then there’s these magic moments. Those moments that doesn’t happen any other place in the world.

«New York City is magic and I believe this is a thing because everyone who moves here is expecting that. When you have a small space with everyone believing in the magic it is bound to happen. New York magic moments happen when you live in the moment. I try to live every day like that, which is hard. But taking a different route to work or home. Leaving your apartment with no plans and doing what ever pops up or not hiding when you have a bad day. I have had so many major magic moments. Honestly I have them every day because I chose to believe in the magic in the small things»

«You get on the train. You see somebody at the train. You kind of have this little moment when you look at each other. Then later on in the day you find them again»

It’s a lesson learned. Appreciating those beautiful curiosa moments. It seems to nourish quality of life in what is an ever-changing, fast paced, sometimes brutal city. Thank you for that Fausti! And thank you for bringing fantasy, humor and storytelling together in a good fashion cocktail. It’s been a pleasure.

Go follow Fausti on her Instagram account @sofausti

<p>Phone case by O’Faolain</p>

Phone case by O’Faolain

<p>Hat by Zoltan Toth Designs. Shirt by Doruntina Azemi</p>

Hat by Zoltan Toth Designs. Shirt by Doruntina Azemi

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