Wendi Murdoch And Florence Sloan Discuss New Film 'Snow Flower And The Secret Fan' And Friendship (VIDEO)

Starting today [June 24] and running over the next three weeks, HuffPost Women is presenting a four-part video series on female friendship, called "Friends 'Til The End." The first installment is a conversation between Wendi Murdoch and Florence Sloan, who share producing credits for Snow Flower And The Secret Fan, a new film from China directed by Wayne Wang, which will have its premiere in Los Angeles on July 14.

One of the film's principal themes is the power of female friendship -- to overcome life's obstacles as well as enhance its joys and successes. Wendi and Florence met 10 years ago at a dinner party and have been an emotional support system for each other every since. Partnering for this special film project has brought them even closer together.

But we'll let them tell their story.

In subsequent weeks, featured best friends will include: author and chef Katie Lee and author Kathy Freston (July 1); law professor and famous "Tiger Mom" Amy Chua and investment management executive Anne Ackerley (July 8); and, finally, identical twins Suzette and Suzanne Malveaux, a law professor and CNN anchor, respectively. See if you can tell them apart (July 14).

We hope you'll enjoy watching this series as much as we enjoyed producing it.


You can now view the second and third videos in this series. The second features Katie Lee, chef and author of The Comfort Table and the new novel Groundswell, and Kathy Freston, author of The Quantum Wellness Cleanse: A 21 Day Essential Guide to Healing Your Body, Mind and Spirit, talking about food and friendship. In the third video, Amy Chua, famous "tiger mom" and law professor, and her friend Anne Ackerley talk about their shared nerdiness, Jewish men, and perms (among other things).