Here's How Wendy Davis And A Raucous Crowd Shut That Whole Thing Down (VIDEO)

WATCH: Here's How Wendy Davis And A Raucous Crowd Shut That Whole Thing Down

In a week packed with momentous events, Wendy Davis stood out.

Texas Republicans attempted to use a special session on Tuesday to pass a bill that opponents say would dramatically limit access to abortion across the state. But state Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth), donning pink sneakers and a back brace for support, stood on the Senate floor for 11 hours straight without a bathroom break to filibuster the bill, with the goal of lasting until the session's midnight deadline.

Republicans shut down Davis' filibuster on a procedural technicality about an hour and a half before midnight, but Davis' Democratic colleagues and a screaming crowd of reproductive rights supporters in the state capitol managed to finish what she started and delay a vote on the bill just long enough to kill it. The filibuster captivated spectators from around the world and catapulted Davis to political stardom overnight.

HuffPost's Oliver Noble produced a video of all the action using footage from, The Austin American-Statesman, MSNBC's Morning Joe and All In With Chris Hayes, reproductive rights activist Jessica Luther, the Texas Senate and the Texas Tribune, which streamed the filibuster live. A nonprofit, the Tribune relies on user contributions, which can be made by clicking here.


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