Wendy Davis: Abortion Rights Supporters Will Not Back Down In Texas

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is calling a second special session of his state's legislature to pass a controversial bill limiting abortion rights in the state -- but the woman who spoiled his first go-around is not backing down.

Wendy Davis, the Democratic Texas state senator who foiled the anti-abortion rights bill SB 5 by mounting an epic 11-hour filibuster, pledged Sunday to fight on.

"For all that you have achieved in terms of your profile and your views, are you not just delaying the inevitable?" David Gregory asked Davis on "Meet the Press."

"We will fight as we begin the session again on Monday," Davis responded. "I don't think that we'll concede that the battle is over. And even if this bill passes, obviously there will be other challenges to it going forward."

Davis, who represents Fort Worth, also took another shot at comments from the governor, who targeted her for her own experience as a single teen mother.

"My life story is something obviously that belongs to me very personally," Davis said. "I think some of the comments that he made really demean the high office that he holds."