Wendy Davis Set To Announce Election Plans In Early October

Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis (D), who catapulted to national attention in June for her marathon filibuster of an anti-abortion bill, plans to announce the next steps in her political career on Oct. 3.

"There’s one question I’ve gotten quite often in the past few months. I’ve heard it online, while I’m traveling around the state, from the media, and in my Fort Worth neighborhood: What’s next? On October 3rd, I’ll be answering that question. And as part of my dedicated network of grassroots supporters, you will be among the very first to find out," she wrote in an email to supporters on Wednesday morning.

Many Texas Democrats have been urging Davis to run for governor, hoping she would succeed Gov. Rick Perry (R), who later signed into law the abortion restrictions Davis fought so hard to stop. Davis would likely face the state's conservative attorney general, Greg Abbott, in a gubernatorial race. Perry has announced he would not be seeking reelection.

"I do think that in Texas, people feel like we need a change from the very fractured, very partisan leadership that we've seen in our state governor right now," Davis said at a Washington, D.C., event held in July. "I can say with absolute certainty that I will run for one of two offices -- either my state senate seat, or the governor's."

Abbott's campaign adviser Dave Carney recently tweeted that Davis, a graduate of Harvard Law School, "is too Stupid to be Governor."

"I disagree with that statement and we’re going to make sure that this campaign focuses on the real issues that matter to Texans," Abbott replied when asked by reporters about the tweet on Monday. "Our focus is going to be on creating jobs, on keeping taxes low and keeping Texas the state that provides more opportunities than any other state.”