Giovanni Capriglione, Texas Republican, Thinks Wendy Davis Should Foot Bill For Special Sessions

Though the abortion war in Texas may be on a break, there is a hefty bill from the special sessions that closed out the Legislature, and one Republican lawmaker has an idea of who should cover it.

In an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, state Rep. Giovanni Capriglione (R ) said that Wendy Davis should personally cover the $1.6 million cost of the two special sessions which ultimately led to new abortion restrictions in the state.

"I firmly believe that Sen. Wendy Davis should reimburse the taxpayers for the entire cost of the second special session,” Capriglione said. “I am sure that she has raised enough money at her Washington, D.C., fundraiser to cover the cost."

Earlier this summer, Davis made headlines for leading a last-ditch effort against Texas' latest anti-abortion legislation with a memorable 11-hour filibuster. Though the measure ultimately passed, meaning abortions are illegal in the state after 20 weeks and the vast majority of Texas' clinics will close their doors, Davis was praised for her efforts.

Capriglione pointed to Davis as the reason behind the special sessions.

“I think we need to remember why we are having this extra special session," Capriglione told the newspaper. "One state senator, in an effort to capture national attention, forced this special session."

But Davis rejected the criticism, placing the blame with Republicans.

"It's unfortunate that the leadership in power squandered taxpayer dollars pursuing partisan politics before Texas priorities and forced an unnecessary special session," Davis told the Star-Telegram.

The Star-Telegram noted that the cost of each special session breaks down to roughly $800,000; all 150 House members and 31 Senate members receive a $150 per diem and a small travel allowance.